Audulus 3.5 for Mac Released - Update Now!
  • Audulus 3.5 is out now - update your Audulus version and let us know what you think! The update includes hundreds of new and improved modules as well as CPU optimizations that should allow you to build larger patches.
  • Updated on Mac OS High sierra. AU plugin is still v3.3 - no midi cc mapping through my DAW to write and read automations.
  • @cnopcadav - when you update Audulus, it does not update the plugin automatically - you have to do that through a separate process.

    That said, the plugin has not been updated, though it will be when we start rolling out AUv3 for Audulus iOS.

    This is an update for the standalone and most of the changes you’ll see are the added modules :)
  • Great to have the mic/ADC input working again on my Mac. Looking forward to playing around with the new modules.
  • Great news!

    Sorry if i missed the info elsewhere, any plans on adding the new update to the win/iOS versions?
  • @whatgives - the iOS version will be updated soon to include the new modules, and the Windows update is also in the works! :)
  • ...kinda disappointed, updated from mavericks for audulus to el capitan
    now you guys want me to update 10.12 b'cause of your version 3.5.1...
    not cool
  • @panthera86 - what’s holding you back? I’ve personally never had an issue with updating my OS on Mac. Do you have other less well-supported software that breaks when you update OS?
  • I'm not a friend of constantly updating, i have certain plug-ins which are not supported anymore going higher in OS
  • @panthera86 - So I don’t mean this is a snobby way at all, but our focus is on making sure our program works on the current OSes - one reason being that people should update because each version brings security updates, and leaving your entire digital life vulnerable because of an audio plugin that was abandoned by its developer isn’t very wise.

    That said maybe you have a totally offline machine - that’s fine, and really everything except for the wire highlighting feature is already available on this forum - there are in fact more modules here in the various forum collections. That’s all the update was really - just adding more patches.

    We don’t deliberately try to make Audulus updates incompatable with older OSes. If it were easy or even just easier, we would do it.

    But what you’re essentially asking for without maybe realizing it is to spend more time per update figuring out how to make a new feature backwards compatible for a few people who are reluctant to update their OS - often because of a less active developer’s plugin that’s abandoned or slow to update.

    In the long run, that dev time for us is ultimately just flushed away whenever the last person stops using an old Mac version, or we just simply have to mke a new break, say with Audulus. That’s essentially taking possible new features away from users who don’t have any trouble updating.

    So I know it’s not necessarily what you want to hear, but hopefully that explains why Audulus often requires a new OS (Audulus 3.5 for iOS uses an iOS11-only feature, for example). You’re totally free not to update and pretty much all of the patches that will be made for Audulus 3 will still work with your current version.
  • Is there a changelog somewhere?
  • @biminiroad

    thanks for clarifying :)
  • I updated Audulus on my mac & updated the plugin. For some reason the app said it was "damaged" so I deleted it and reinstalled.

    Plugin is working fine - standalone app just crashes when you try to open an existing patch or create a new one.

    Mac OS 10.13.2

    any ideas?