Continuous Overload
  • Just another nice self-playing patch that has a lot of driving power!

    Warning: High CPU patch - may not work on older iOS devices :)
    Contiuous Overload.audulus
  • Very cool. Thank you. Works great on my 1st gen ipad pro. Horrible static on 2nd gen ipad pro with latest OS. Any ideas? This is also true for many other high cpu patches. Works great on 1st gen ios 11 and bad on 2nd gen with ios 11. Did apple screw up the ipad pro 2 hardware?
  • @waynewedge - Thanks! It might have to do with the newer one having more pixels (if it does?) which sucks up more CPU time.
  • The resolution is the same on the 1st and 2nd gen iPad pros, but the max refresh rate on the 2nd generation is 120 Hz, double that of the 1st. I suspect that the higher refresh rate is the culprit. It's possible to limit the refresh rate. See:
    You might want to give that a try.
  • So I have a 1st gen. iPad Pro and an iPhone 6s+. Higher CPU patches do not run well on my iPad Pro when Audulus is the active app in the foreground. Pushing Audulus to the background (with the background audio tuned on) with a patch running will usually clean up the patch audio to run smoothly without any errors, but I won't be able to do any live patch editing while it is playing. When just trying to edit a larger patch, I used to load Audulus within an Audiobus session after adjusting the latency control all the way down to 1024 frames in Audiobus. This would slow some of it up, but would essentially allow me to edit the patch without it being bogged down or glitchy. However, this does not seem to be the case anymore. I only have the 1st gen. iPad Pro, so it's not the refresh rate issue described above by @stschoen, but is just the general higher resolution of the iPad Pro as far as I can tell. Again, I can load up a lot of these same patches in my older iPhone 6s+ without issue but when I pull up the exact same patch on the iPad Pro I can't do anything with it because of the glitchiness and errors caused by the extreme jump in CPU %.

    Does anybody have any tips or suggestions on what can be done to avoid this and still edit patches with my preferred method on the iPad Pro when they are a bit larger? @biminiroad Is this something that is being looked at for updates in regards to the resolution or visuals killing the ability to edit patches on the newer iPads? Is there a way to update the app to follow Apple's standards for the iPad Pro yet still decrease the resolution? Maybe a setting within Audulus to limit the resolution or adjust the latency to allow for a simpler load on the CPU from the graphics alone?
  • Just a quick thought. Can all of the signal wire and graphics animation be turned off as an option. When Audulus is placed in the background, patches will always play just fine for me. I was told that the choppiness and glitching is caused by the graphics load. Would seem like a very viable option. I would rather hear the music than watch all of the pretty lights flashing (ha ha)
  • yes a light gfx option would be nice something like a pause gfx mode, so the ipad doesnt get hot and battery life would be better