[Help] Multiple Instances of Audulus
  • Looking for some good workarounds/suggestions. I am used to being able run multiple instances of the same VST's/AU's in a DAW. Because I can only run Audulus through Inter-app audio in Cubasis 2 in an iPad, what is the best way to use, say, an Audulus Kick as well as an instance of DFAM DIY, and maybe a synth module. Do I get everything running in a single environment and somehow route the audio from each module into a separate channel in Cubasis? Is this even possible? Is there any way to run more than one copy of Audulus on an iPad using some sort of app? For both possible solutions, would something like AUM augment the routing issues?
  • I've been very happy with AUM. It's a very flexible routing application. I don't have any experience with Cubasis, so I don't know what kind of capabilities it has. Audulus currently only supports a single stereo pair both in and out when used via IAA (or Audiobus). I've used it with both AUM and Audiobus and the current version seems to work pretty well. It's not possible to have multiple instances of Audulus running at the same time on iOS. This is an iOS limitation. If you want both a kick and synth running in Audulus, the simplest solution at this point is to have both in a single patch and mix them in the patch before sending them to Cubasis. If Audulus makes an AU available for iOS in the future, you would then be able to run multiple instances.
  • I was worried that this was the case. It would be amazing if you could build modules to use as an AUv3's...Still very excited about Audulus!
  • You can't use multiple instances on iOS, but you will be able to soon when we release AUv3! It's in beta now :)
  • Glad you're excited about Audulus! I've been an Audulus fanatic since I started in 2016. I believe that Audulus as AUv3 is something that the developer has planned for the future, as well as multichannel IO in IAA. Audulus is constantly improving, but it's a small company with limited resources, so some patience is sometimes required. Since I started I've seen several significant improvements, the last being version 3.5 which brings integration with iOS folders. BTW, if you haven't already done so, I know a five star review on the App Store would be much appreciated. The more Audulus users we have, the more resources are available for development.
  • Just a fantastic bit of programming. Very stoked for AUv3. I'll drop that 5 star