[Solved] Kick Drum in Cubasis 2 using Inter-App Audio
  • I would like to create a colourful, heady kick drum in Audulus 3 and be able to bring it into Cubasis 2 through Inter-App Audio.

    How to I use the midi notes in Cubasis to trigger my kick drum in Audulus? Is there a specific node or way of routing to accomplish this? I am new to Audulus, but have been working with Reaktor and VCV Rack for a while, so I have some basic understanding of modular synthesis.

    *** It turns out I had to set my MIDI output to Audulus on in Cubasis 2 for that channel.

    However, I would still appreciate any tips for adding colour and character to a kick within Audulus 3 -- or if anyone knows where I can find a patch other than the basic Kick in the program itself.
  • At this point the Audulus plugin only receives MIDI via the keyboard node so you would have to send a note to Audulus and use the gate on the keyboard node to trigger your kick. For Audulus standalone you have three choices as far as MIDI goes. As well as the keyboard node, Audulus MIDI triggers respond to MIDI note messages and knobs respond to MIDI CC commands. Triggers and knobs have a MIDI learn on their context menu which allow you to configure the specific MIDI message they will respond to. Audio from the kick can be routed back using the speaker node or DAC node if you are running standalone.
  • Here’s an emulation I did of a Roland 909 kick you could use as a starting point.
    uKick 909 V1.0.audulus
  • This is a really nice kick. Very much appreciated. Dumb question:

    1. When I add a MIDI In module and a Audio Output and then hop back to the main window, my changes do not get saved. I thought things just autosaved when you hit the window at the top left. What gives?
  • Thanks for the compliment. If you fool around with the knobs you can get some pretty decent sounds. It should be a good place to start if you want to build your own. Let me know if you have any questions about the kick. Glad to have you join the Audulus community. Your changes should be saved when you close the patch using the window icon at the upper left of the display. Are you saving locally or using iCloud? I don't see how Cubasis could be a factor, but you might try with just Audulus running. I've not had any problems with saving on V3.5. If you can't figure it out, drop them a line at support@audulus.com. That's really the best way to get bug support. Be patient, Audulus is only a couple of people, so sometimes there's a bit of a delay, but they care about their customers and they will get back to you.
  • I found that if I copied your module and pasted it into a fresh blank new patch, and wired it the way I wanted, it autosaved as would be expected. Is your module file write protected somehow?
  • I know what's happening now. When you open a patch from the Forum on iOS the iPad saves the file in temporary cache and changes are not written to the file. You need to move the file to either iCloud or the Audulus folder on your iPad. Close the patch. You will notice it's in Recents. Touch the patch icon until the context menu appears, select move then your destination. This will save the file to permanent storage and your changes should be saved.
  • Further confusion...When I open a patch from the forum on iOS, not only do I not see the changes I make, but I can't find it anywhere.
  • I guess rather than "open in Audulus" I need to "Save to Files."
  • @futureaztec - check where Audululus is saving files in settings - it might be to your iCloud instead of on your device
  • When you download a patch from the forum using Safari it is written to temporary storage. When you open it in Audulus, a pointer to the file is passed to Audulus. If you then close the patch (not Audulus) you should see the Recent files window. At this point you can save the file using the file’s context menu (touch and hold the file’s icon until the menu appears). If you close Audulus without saving the file, it will be deleted from temporary storage
  • Ahhhh, this temporary storage on iOs conversation has just cleared some major confusion up for me when I open multiple modules in a row directly from the forum hoping they would be saved and are not. Thanks @stschoen!
  • @biminiroad @taylor the "Instructions for uploading and downloading patches :)" Announcement thread needs an update.
  • Another option. When you select the patch in Safari you will see two options, "open in Audulus 3" or "More ...". If you select more you should see a "Save to Files" icon. You can select this and save the patch to your desired location without opening it in Audulus first. If you don't see the Save to Files option, select the More icon where you can enable and disable Save to Files.