Curvature Semi-Modular Synthesizer Presets & Feature Requests
  • Curvature Presets
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  • I'm using Affinity Designer instead of Illustrator but it should pretty much be the same. I have the document set for 72dpi and the grid set at 10 by 10 pixels. The small icons are 20x20 pixels, a trigger button is 30x30 a knob circle is 40x40 etc. The document resolution is important since it sets the scale in Audulus. I usually guess at the size, create the element, import it and repeat. Not the most efficient, but I never stopped top figure out scaling a screen-shot. The spline window is 320x130 pixels, you could scale the screen shot using that. @RobertSyrett uses Illustrator so he could help on the SVG export settings. I think they were in a post early in one of the SVG threads.
  • Now that it is "finished", it just occurred to me that it would be super cool if you could run the patch stand-alone. That is, be able to send it to someone who doesn't have Audulus and they would be able to connect the patch points, turn the knobs, press the buttons, etc, but unable to make any structural changes. This would evolve Audulus into a synth-building platform and creation of runtime / redistributable products. Implement preset state-saving, and think of the possibilities! Perhaps something to add to the Feature Requests thread for Audulus 5.0.....
  • @bryan58 we're exploring the idea of a developer's license that would allow you to create synths & reskin them. It won't happen unless there's a large demand for it so I'd suggest starting a thread and trying to get a lot of people into it, and have them write us at saying they want it. It would be cool to have an app that can build other iOS apps though...
  • At least for iOS you could have a version that had the lock permanently on and create new patch disabled. That way you could play existing patches but not create new ones. Unlock could be an in-app purchase. Kind of a "try before you buy"
  • @stschoen - that's a "patch player" version of Audulus that Taylor has toyed with creating...but he also doesn't want more versioning headaches. He definitely doesn't want to deal with an in-app store again, I know that haha! It would have to be a separate free app.
  • Added a how-to chorus effect and quad envelope example
    Curvature Presets
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  • Added some vibrato patches
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    Curvature Presets
  • hi,

    Love this synth, great work :) Is there a way to be able to store presets and recall them in the synth itself, like a patch save and recall module? Other than saving copies of the patch etc.
  • @carnbot - Thank you! Save and recall is a feature we’re working on for Audulus 4. It’s a really complex problem to solve because in Audulus you can have multiple modules together in one patch, and sorting out which connections to break and override is hard. The solution for now is just to have separate files for the presets - but that is something in the roadmap eventually :)
  • Ok thanks @biminiroad yeah can see it's a problem. Maybe there's a way you can stack presets in the browser in folders which might help organise presets.
  • @Carnbot - "Maybe there's a way you can stack presets in the browser in folders which might help organise presets." That's exactly what's going to be possible in the new iOS 11 Files integration update! You can already organize them into folders and sub menus on your computer version, but that functionality has yet to be implemented in Audulus. It's almost ready for beta testing so it will be out sometime in December methinks.
  • I might point out that with the files application included in iOS 11, if you're using iCloud for your iPad Audulus storage, when you browse you will see any sub-folders present in the Audulus iCloud folder (and you can navigate to any other folders on iCloud as well). So far I only have one app using the files interface locally on the iPad. You can open and edit files in an iCloud sub-folder on the iPad but when you close the file you will not see it appear in the local thumbnail browser since that only displays files in the root location. Any changes to the file will be saved to its original location.
  • Ah great, wil look forward to the next update with Files integration :)
  • Can I deal with these zips natively on iPad?
  • @futureaztec - I don't think so, unless you can do it in Files now or with another app somehow? Best to just use a computer and transfer it over. If you don't have a computer, just email me and I'll send you the patches individually
  • I looked into it and the Files app does have a built in unzipper. If you select the zip file in safari and save it to a folder, you can select it in the files app and choose preview content from the menu at the top of the screen. It will display the contents of the zip file. You can then choose a file and select the share icon at the top. Select the save to files option and it will extract the file and save to the location you selected. I wasn’t able to figure out any way to extract more than one file at a time
  • Good to know!
  • On iOS AudioShare app can unzip files and apps like Documents and GoodReader allow you to both unzip and zip files. You can use the Files app to transfer these files around to wherever you want Audulus to access them.