Oscilloscope in Audulus, or in ios with an ES-8
  • Hello,
    I have the expert sleepers ES-8 and want to use that as inputs to an ios Oscilloscope.
    I bought the MC Studio app, as it says that it supports up to 8 channels of input from a USB audio device that is ios compliant:
    The app crashes if the ES-8 is plugged into my ipad.
    I've tried different settings on the ES-8, on the app, still crashes.
    I've contacted the dev, but have gotten no response.
    The app works with a different 2 channel USB device I have, so it seems specific to the ES-8.

    So I have a few questions:
    1. Does anyone know of any good ios oscilloscope apps that support multi channel input, specifically with the ES-8.
    2. Is it possible to have the waveform node in Audulus give us the ability to change the time scale and/or have any triggering function so I can see the waveforms properly?
    3. Does anyone have any insight into why the ES-8 might crash an app made to use audio inputs? would the DC coupling maybe screw it up? (shot in the dark question, i know)

    I have a benchtop Oscope with 1/8" to BNC adapters, but my final modular synth application is an educational platform that I'm directing at the ECE dept at the University of FL that uses student built Eurorack modules, and the ES-8 interface into Audulus and all other ios audio goodness. :D
    So I want my Oscope to be ios as well, so I'm not tethered to the benchtop Oscope. (which looks horrible in comparison)
    Any advice is welcome!
  • This has been a longstanding request in Audulus. I believe that it may happen before Audulus 4, but I'm not holding my breath. Personally I think that CRT oscilloscopes are magic, but I also like my Mordax DATA when I'm debugging in eurorack.
  • I can have patience for the functionality in Audulus, that'd be nice!
    I'm still on the hunt for a stand-alone ios Oscope that can use multiple USB audio inputs.
    Signalscope Pro can see all my ES-8 inputs, but it displays the signals all overlayed on each other, and does not give me much control. I may break down and buy the ONYX Oscope app, it looks like it only does two channels at once, (i'll survive) but at least reviewers say that it works with their ES-8's...
    I just wish that the MC Studio dev would update his app! :)
    Thanks for the response Robert!