Definitive Closure
  • This patch uses a matrix sequencer to create chords and a lead line. Some interesting modulation sources going on, like the quadrature sine LFO on the PWM for the oscillator. The trick is with the matrix sequencer that it has a lot of modulation on each step, leading to a lot of variation in both the chords and the lead.

    I'm liking this technique of basing everything around one sequencer - it's centralized and hard to play a "wrong" note.

    Also uses the shape sequencer to drive the x input of the matrix sequencer.

    Heavier on the CPU since it has a lot of poly, so might not run on older iOS devices, but runs nicely on iPad pro. If you have trouble running it on your machine just delete the drums and associated sequencers.

    Video of the patch in action:
    Definitive Closure.audulus
    Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 10.13.11 AM.png
    1846 x 1694 - 1M
  • Nice groove! The uModule format certainly lets you fit a lot of stuff in a small space! BTW, in case you're interested, I did a reversed version of the envelope graphic which gets larger from left to right to serve as a volume (level) indicator. It's in the SVG collection as volume green.svg.
  • I've had this running while I took care of some chores and this definitely has the makings of a serious earworm! @biminiroad, you consistently come up with some of the best self-playing patches around. Robert has a lock on the more cerebral audio musings, but I love a beat and you always deliver. Keep it up!
  • Sounds good!