"Step32" 32 Step Drum Sequencer
  • Recently found time to actually build stuff In Audulus, so here is my first offering:

    Step32: a 32 step sequencer for drums and other applications.

    The ‘On/Off’ button functions as a Start/Stop.

    The ‘Reset’ button will reset the sequencer to step 1, ready to start again. This button only functions when the sequencer is stopped (The ‘On/Off’ button is in the off position).

    In ‘Master’ mode this sequencer functions as a normal 32 step gate sequencer. The count that moves through the steps is sent via ‘Sync Out’. Connect this output to the ‘Sync In’ of any Step32 in ‘Slave’ mode then all of the connected sequencers will run together, allowing you to sequence a complete drum kit.
    1802 x 750 - 223K
    Step32 Demo.png
    2716 x 1592 - 724K
  • Thank you for sharing, I will take a look it seems to be cool.