"Saturday Morning" FSK oscillators in Audulus
  • I was playing around with some "FSK" (frequency shift keying) oscillators after reading a post by @FSK1138. Basically you take two oscillators running at different frequencies and switch between them. Depending on the relationship between the oscillator frequencies and the switching frequency you can get some interesting sounds. I called this patch "Saturday Morning" because I thought it had a happy vibe, which is how how always felt when Saturday rolled around. (Then I realized it's Friday but, hey nobody's perfect). In this patch I'm using one FSK oscillator driven by an external FSK source which is morphing waveforms and one that is using the internal gate derived from oscillator A. I put a more complete description of the oscillators in the Eurorack Wish List thread http://forum.audulus.com/discussion/1253/eurorack-clone-wishlist#Item_37
    Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 1.47.36 PM.png
    2516 x 2386 - 1M
    Saturday Morning.audulus