Multi Device Patches
  • Something I’ve been thinking about recently is the possibility of some kind of communication between Audulus running on different devices.

    I find that one of the great things about Audulus on iOS is that there’s (often) no need for an intermediary controller. In the same way that knobs on modulars provide direct control, the Audulus interface brings you wonderfully close to what you’re building and makes for an easy back and forth when setting up modules or patches, rather than building something and then setting up a controller for it, although you can of course do that as well. (I’m looking forward to multitouch which should really take things to the next level!)

    As the years go by I find that I’ve accumulated a few iOS devices – I’m fortunate enough to still have my old iPad Air 2 in addition to my iPad Pro and I still have an old iPhone 5s as well. Audulus still works remarkably well on those older devices and I’ve been wondering if they could be put to use somehow, that the limits of CPU and screen size imposed by each individual device could be overcome if there was a simple way of communicating between patches on different devices. Or would that get too complicated?

    One possibility might be MIDI, especially in its high resolution form, as is being discussed on the MIDI thread, and Ableton Link would also be a step in that direction, but perhaps there could be another method specific to Audulus, over WiFi or Bluetooth or cables, that would make it possible to send Audulus ‘cv’ from a patch on one device to another?

  • 2 ES-8 modules ;)
  • I think MIDI would probably be the simplest route. Once we have MIDI I/O it will be simple to send values from one Audulus to another. MIDI over Ethernet and Bluetooth are already implemented and Midimux lets you send MIDI using a lightning cable between a Mac and iPad.
  • @RobertSyrett Yes, I was thinking of your double sleepers :-)

    @stsschoen Yes, it seems like MIDI is probably the simplest route. That still takes a little setting up though (which can be fine) – ideally I was thinking of something a simple as AirDrop for setting up a connection, but perhaps a common standard such is MIDI is the way to go.
  • Double Sleepers, I like that one!
  • MIDI has the advantage of being cross-platform and has a wide range of messages rather than just simple values. Clocking might also be useful at times. I’m looking forward to controlling other hardware via MIDI. I have a BeatBuddy which has pretty flexible MIDI I/O and I’ll be able to add some killer percussion to my patches. The ES-8 is great for the modular world but I think MIDI will ultimately be more flexible.
  • In the meantime, send me some patches and I will record them on my two ipads. I have an iPad Pro 12.9" and an iPad mini (stuck on iOS 9.3.5 Audulus ver. 3.3.11) with a pretty anemic cpu, so it's not a bad idea to keep things light for one patch.
  • Here is the little system to pair with the iPad mini

    Here is the larger system that I use with the iPad and the digitakt

  • That's quite a setup!
  • Thanks! The weird thing is I keep wanting more stuff. Like, desire might be unquenchable through means of satisfaction or something. Time to get on with it and make some patches.
  • Oops, iPad mini doesn't have the io update. Pfffff. Cancel plan :(
  • @RobertSyrett you’ve described GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) where many musicians continue to acquire more musical gear which is driven by an addictive rather than rational motivation.
  • @paulinko yeah exactly :P I actually thought about buying a new ipad mini and then I remembered I had ADAT cables that I could just hook up to the two ES-8's together. I made some needlessly big patches yesterday.
  • I want to have a modular jam with you @RobertSyrett!
  • Send me some patches! I'll do my best to connect it to the modular and upload it :)