Xaoc Devices - Drezno
  • My first Audulus module. Based on a bitwise effect I stumbled upon in Audulus late last night, I broke out the A/D and D/A conversions and created the Xaoc Devices Drezno. I haven't implemented the sample rate clocking yet, but the bit flipping and repatching is here.

    Essentially input signal is run through 8 bit A/D converter. The bits can then be repatched or flipped into the D/A converter. Fun cyclic stepped modulation. Works on audio signals too. Tested on raw oscillators, but I haven't run dynamic audio through yet

    Module demo:

    I've actually found a difference in how this runs on iOS and Windows. On my iPad Pro when all the bits are linked the output waveform is reproduced faithfully (in 8Bit), On windows though there seems to be a glitch when the MSB gets activated/deactivated. Not sure what to make of it! Hopefully will fix it when I bring in the sample rate clocking
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