8:2 Mixer 3fx pre or post fade
  • This is, as described an 8:2 mixer with 3xfx with pre/post fade options.

    For pre/post fade options, I tried a switch but the extra cpu I felt was unnecessary so I settled for a simplified manual option made easy inside at no extra cpu cost. Just feed the fx send level modules the appropriate labelled signals from the block with the signals already collected.

    It's currently set up as labelled on the front panel.

    The Haas amount has a global level inside.

    The metering has a log function, globally adjustable inside.
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    Mixer82 3fx PreorPostFade.audulus
  • Nice work!
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  • Haaaaa...:)..! Thanks for the heads up on the drive! I'll change the master drive to stop it clipping but the expression is more complex and would like to keep the cpu down so I'm not sure whether to add it to the other channel drives, surely it would be unnecessary anyway as the master drive would stop clipping?

    About the Haas... Firstly, this is my experimental mixer, my goal is to mix a small set, drums/perc and 2 synths, one which I'd like to play with my keyboard. I'm thinking of ways to achieve a soundstage/mix efficiently as I'd like to save cpu for a nice synth to play so I added "Haas" (not true Haas) to experiment with as a quick and dirty tool to add a bit of psycho acoustic separation. ...Since you asked the question tho, I looked it up and realize the effect is incomplete. One channel is delayed but it requires the delayed channel to have high frequencies cut to prevent phasing and still, it is only a "Haas" effect if the delay is within a certain range.

    "The Haas effect, also called the precedence effect, is a psychoacoustic effect, described in 1949 by Helmut Haas". There are many references to it but this one, has a useful graph: http://edmproduction.wikia.com/wiki/Haas_Effect

    Adding frequency cuts to each channel might defeat my object of efficiency inwhich case I'd need to bring it outside the mixer as a separate effect. I'll have to look in to that but I'll be keeping them in my desk at the moment to try on different instruments as is just to experiment for a while. I could do a version without the Haas, maybe update it later or could leave as is and rename it or point out somewhere it's not true Haas. I was advised this would be a good patch to post but perhaps I shouldn't call it Haas as it is, if it's truely not... Thanks for drawing my attention to this! I'll update it soon.

  • I used your mixer for a patch this weekend and I would give it a big thumbs up! I adjusted mine a little to suite my tastes but It seems really well thought out and no bugs that I have encountered. So, a big thank you :)
  • Am most chuffed at such an endorsement, thank you.. :)