SuperSaw patch update
  • the SuperSaw is a special oscillator waveform popular in EDM. it consists of 7 sawtooth waveforms that are slightly out of tune with each other. it first appeared on Roland’s JP-8000, but has since been copied by various other synth-makers.
    i noticed there was an Audulus patch someone made named 7even Deadly Saws, but it was slightly different from the original JP-8000 version. the patch offered the ability to change the sawtooth waveform, and to attenuate high frequencies. i replaced these features the original ‘mix’ control, following the guidelines found in Adam Szabo’s thesis "How to Emulate the Super Saw"
    i didn’t touch the ratio that detunes the saws from each other; it was on-point. 7even Deadly Saws used a linear pitch input to function; i replaced it with a Hz input.
    i’ve been wondering if this was even worth sharing for a while, tonight i figured “why the hell not” i hope someone enjoys and makes really corny trance music.
  • It’s always worth sharing :)
  • Absolutely it is always worth sharing! Thanks!