Lucy tuning
  • After looking in to Lucy tuning, I made a Lucy scale builder. It builds 1 or 2 octave scales. Lucy intervals are meantone intervals derived from pi. This scale builder takes the meantone interval from a device with other selectable meantone temperaments, just to see what breaking the rules sounds like while discovering it all. I put it with an Amen break generator set up with modulators.
    "Beyond the scales, tunings and modes of Western music (Lydian, Ionian, Mixolydian, Dorian, Aeolian, Phrygian, or Locrian ....), with LucyTuning, it is possible to emulate Japanese, Indonesian, Chinese, Indian, Arabic (makam) and any conceivable tuning system."
    1366 x 768 - 186K
    Lucy scale builder.audulus
    Lucy scale builder demo.audulus
  • Great patch!
  • This is effing wild!!! Thanks for sharing :)
  • Have you shared that mixer module too? That's a great patch!
  • Thanks for the comments, I just built up the mixer, trying to work out a better way monitoring on those meters and I'm thinking of making FX C post fade, will mull over it all and come up with something soon.
  • Woh. Thanks!
  • fascinating.
  • Just updated the modulation switch for the break with added bias.

    I'll be adding combinations to the stack to make up an octave, no point restricting the amount of notes, would be nice to do runs somehow...
    Lucy scale builder demo.audulus
  • I completed L&s combinations for the whole Octave, left out the other temperaments, to keep it minimal and put a mux with it to hear it. I think more of a strategy will be required to play the notes though... Momentarily taken down to sort out transpose... All done... The output can be added to any note (o) signal and transpose up and down the Lucy scale.
    lucy intervals.jpg
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    Lucy scale Intervals.audulus