Musical response from modulation / knobs
  • Hello,
    i need some help creating a more musical response from modulations and knobs

    I have some knobs (which i make min 0, max 22000 or 0-1 and then convert to 0 22000) to control some oscillators.
    this of course gives me a linear response.
    How can i implement this to give me a more musical response? (i know i must either make it logarithmic or exponential).
    The best would be to use 0->1 to 0->max and the rise to the max be musical.

    I tried searching the forum but couldn't find an answer.

    (sorry for bad English, not native language)
  • Hey bgc! This is actually a super easy thing to do. All you have to do is put a multiply node after a knob that is scaled 0-1, then multiply *that* output to 0-22,000. You want to keep knobs 0-1 because they will interface well with LFOs. Attached is an example patch.

    Also your English is great! :)
    Filter Range Example.audulus
  • Also the Knob section in the documentation talks about this and other types of translations for knobs:
  • Most modules in the module library use the 1 per octave scale. That is 0= A440, 1 is one octave up, -1 is one octave down, 2 is 2 octaves etc. you will find a converter from Hz to o (one per octave) and o to Hz in the module library under Utility/Translation. o2HZ and Hzt2o. They are logarithmic with A440 as 0. Scale your knob from -4 to 4 and you will cover from 27.5 Hz to 7040 Hz. I have attached an example.
    Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 8.02.11 AM.png
    1734 x 1362 - 323K
    Hertz to one per octave translators.audulus
  • Thanks for the answers,

    @biminiroad the Knob^2 and the sqrt(Knob) are just what i needed.

    @stschoen that is a more readable format if you are adhering to 1V/oct like eurorack.
    I plan to use frequencies 9000hz and up or 200hz and below.

    Making modules for the module library seems too much for me at the moment. I am just starting to make my own instruments and learning Audulus (i come from supercollider, Audulus is a new mindset i need to learn)
  • Tried the ^2 and sqrt and a linear knob all connected to the waveform display to see the response. It works! Thanks!
  • For adjusting the response of knobs to be musical, I often rely on the uCurve utility to get the response I am looking for by ear.
    Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 8.45.47 AM.png
    973 x 656 - 67K
    uCurve Example.audulus