No Expression Patches
  • This thread is an exercise in patches that have the no expression nodes except numerical constants as a design constraint. Just for the challenge of it.
  • I It's interesting that the adsr node does not consistently respond to the square wave from the oscillator object.
    Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 12.00.20 AM.png
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    Test Flight.audulus
  • Ideally I would like an improved expression statement that has no overhead other than the calculation itself, but if that is not feasible, a few more arithmetic nodes would go a long way to make calculations simpler. I have not found any appreciable CPU load from constant expressions, but I have not done any exhaustive testing so I'm can't say I'm sure about that. I know we already have a constant node, but one that allowed text entry and displayed it's value would be useful. I tried using the constant node and setting it's min, max and value, but without attaching a value meter it was too confusing. I would also like to see a subtract node, divide node, negation node and some comparison nodes, although a more efficient expression node would definitely be preferable.
  • Taylor’s going to make the expression node as fast as the arithmetic nodes - its a part of his ongoing optimization project! :) Still cool stuff though @robertsyrett - I made a flipflop out of arithmetic nodes once.
  • @stschoen, oh man are you gonna make a no expression EG?
  • That would be be a neat trick. :) I've played around with trying to convert the linear one to an exponential one but it's kind of a pain detecting the various periods. There have been some pretty good variants on the Forum so I never pursued it. I like @biminiroad's version that varies the rates depending on the input note