Low Resolution midi to high resolution midi converter.
  • @biminiroad, I saw in the forums you mentioning making a small object that would smooth midi.

    I understand a slew module would be part of this for sure...

    Would you post a patch that will take incoming midi that is low resolution (like 128 steps of Pitch Bend) and have Audulus output 14 bit Pitch Bend to give instruments outside of logic the high res pitch bend? Using Logic Pro X on Mac. Thanks so much!
  • Here you go! Sorry this took so long :) Let me know if you have any follow up questions!

    Tutorial: How to Smooth Midi CC Knob input for Analog-Style Control.audulus
  • At this point Audulus doesn't have MIDI out, so you can smooth an incoming MIDI signal for use in Audulus, but can't output it (at least as MIDI signal). Hopefully MIDI out will be available in a future update. That does raise an interesting question. Does Audulus currently support high resolution MIDI data input or only 7 bit (0-127)? Has anyone done any testing?
  • Oh sorry I misread the original request - basically once we can output MIDI, yes, you could use the pitch bend node, do the same thing with the slew limiter, then we'll (probably) have high res MIDI output that you can send it to.
  • I am really hoping you can do a great deal more with the midi overhaul. I would love for audulus to have control over midi commands like program change.