Livestream August 11th 2017
  • I'm going to push the livestream back that was supposed to happen today till tomorrow to give me some more time to finish Curvature. It's really close to being done, but I wanted to have it totally finished to do a thorough walkthrough of it.

    Things it still needs:

    Modulation section (LFOs, random voltage)
    ES-8 section (A way to loop in your Euro filters/effects)
    Keyboard control
    Logic section for rhythms and whatnot
    More fleshed out FM stuff

    It's still totally un-optimized and un-documented on the inside, but it's still below 20% CPU on my Mac Mini, which means it should be able to run on most iOS devices.

    Once it's finished, I'll make a purely synth-only version with no extra bells and whistles that you can use with other sequencing apps. It won't shave a *ton* off the CPU, but it will be less hard on it.

    Hope you understand! I've been working on it all day and thought I'd have it done by tonight but alas, I won't :/

    So tomorrow, Friday August 11th, 6pm EST - can you make it?

    Also, in the future, the livestream date/time may shift, possibly to Saturday midday. I'm about to start soldering at Endangered Audio Research and that will take up most of my time during the weekdays. This might happen in a couple weeks.
  • Looking forward to see the "finished" product! :-)
  • This should be around midnight for me (Netherlands), I'll join the livestream if I haven't fallen asleep yet :)
  • Going to go live in just a sec - not done building it, but really close and you can just watch/listen as I complete it. Could also use some input as to what little logic modules people want on it!
  • Tried so hard not to fall asleep (live stream starts at midnight over here). But my brain shut down while watching Rick and Morty :(