Noisy oscillator problem - help please
  • I am a new user. My first project is the simplest possible sine wave oscillator. But when I look at the wave form it is jagged and has gaps. When I use an LFO or keyboard input the sound has clicks and noise. I am Running on 3 year old IPAD AIR. Is it possible the CPU isn’t fast enough to handle AUDULUS? I love the UI but can’t seem to get past this initial glitch to get any clean sound. Can anyone tell me what the problem is? Jeff D
  • You try the old "uninstall/reinstall" yet?
  • Nope. I get similar result on my iPhone, but not so bad. I also notice the waveform Shows two lines on the graph. It looks like one is the sine wave and the other is the sampled wave. I don’t see anything about that in the documentation. I am still thinking that the combination of an older iPad with the newer OS is creating a bottleneck, and maybe the OS just isn’t fast enough.
  • The dual trace has always been there, and I agree it isn't always clear what's going on with the waveform meter since it doesn't update when you aren't looking at it, but I am a little surprised that there are clicks and noise :(

    You might shoot an email over to (although @biminiroad might still be on his honeymoon) and see if there might be something in your setup that can be tweaked.
  • Which iPhone do you have?
  • If you'll post your patch we'll be glad to have a look.