8*8 CRT/Scanlines type oscilloscope?
  • I hope this comes in handy with the visuals. I am new to Audulus so please excuse the unorganised mess inside the patch. I hope you enjoyed it.
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  • Interesting! I like seeing how different people go about creating an audio rate oscilloscope in Audulus. I'm really curious to see @taylor's take on it one day ;)
  • Thanks!
    I was thinking about creating 16*16 version but it’s a bit difficult for me.
  • Wow! That would be a lot of careful patching! Are you doing all this on an iPad?
  • Yes I am doing on the iPad. It is very easy to mess it up and it takes a long time. I have a short attention span.
  • After hours of work, I finally did it! I created the 16*16 version. This takes up a lot cpu so be careful.

    I used 256 delays, all controlled by a knob.
    I hope you enjoyed using this oscilloscope.
    16*16 .audulus
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  • A Saturday well spent :)
  • whoaaaa this is so great Trienas! Thanks so much for sharing it! The 16*16 one is especially good at doing video synthesis-like stuff.
  • Made a little video of it for those who are iPad/iPhone only and may not be able to run it

  • Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 5.46.42 PM.png
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    Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 5.47.27 PM.png
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  • @Robertsyrett - I agree! Trienas, have you seen vias in other applications? They allow you to snip off the knob and replace it with something else. It's really useful in situations like these where you have one knob or button or incoming signal getting distibuted to so many nodes.

    Also, I'm really hoping you knew that you can copy/paste the node with the connection to the knob already in place and you will retain that connection, so that you didn't actually wire this knob to each delay node individually?
  • Yes I already knew how it keeps the connection intact when copying and pasting them.

    Good idea to use via. Thanks
  • There you go.
    New Patch 38.audulus
  • I got an idea by controlling three colours in each leds individually by 768 delays, 256 for red, 256 for green and 256 for blue. However it gonna take a lot of effort and enough motivation to do it.

    Tell me what do you think about this idea?
  • I was inspired to create this crt scanlines oscilloscope from this: https://youtu.be/9gaYYcXGB_c
  • I made something interesting...
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