Are Loooong Delays Possible?
  • Hi there, are 16 second (or longer) delay loops possible in Audulus? Also are reverse delay effects possible? I've been using Max/Msp to do this live via laptop but really want to switch to using the iPad(and Audulus) for live shows. Any info to if this is possible is most appreciated!
  • A cool thing about Audulus is that you can change the range of any knob, as well as modulate them.
    To get a super long delay time zoom into the delay note enough and hold onto the delay time knob. A pop should appear that let's you set the min and max for that knob. It defaults to a max of 1 but you can set it as high as you like giving much longer times. Same is true for the reverb. I don't think there is a way to do reverse delay yet. There is a sampler node coming that may allow this.
  • Thanks for the tip Dcramer - and to create a feedback loop, I assume you'd just route the output of the delay back into the input of the delay(with a gain between for feedback control)?

    Definitely I hope to see a live reverse effect in this app with the sampler - reverse is just one of those timeless effects that never gets old ;]
  • Yup you can route it back but the delay node also has built in feedback and mix controls.
  • +100 for reversing!
  • You can do a reverse delay by modulating the time on the delay. if the delay goes from, say, 2 seconds to 4 seconds over a two second interval, the signal will be time reversed at the same pitch it started at. I've been experimenting with this, using a sawtooth to modulate, so the playback speed is constant within a single sawtooth wave.
  • I actually made a mistake. In the above example, you'd have to do that modulation over a 1 second period for it to be time reversed at normal pitch.
  • Sounds cool, must try this!