Audulus 3.5 for iOS Released! ~~Please update your 5-star reviews too!~~
  • Audulus LLC is proud to announce the latest and most significant update to Audulus 3 yet. Audulus 3.5 integrates the fast and convenient file management provided by iOS 11’s new file browser.

    With a new streamlined patch browser, you can sort patches into folders, mark your favorites, and more easily share your creations with the world.

    The Module Library now arranges modules in a folder hierarchy, which makes finding modules much faster. Furthermore, you can search for modules and nodes by name, as well as drag and drop patches from iCloud storage.

    On iPad, the Module Library remains open as you patch. This saves time, especially when building large patches.

    Automatic highlighting, new to Audulus 3.5, simplifies understanding patches. Just select a node or group of modules, and their output wires highlight while all others dim.

    Audulus 3.5 comes with an expanded library of examples accessible from the create document menu. The new examples include previews of an upcoming module library redesign. This massive expansion uses graphical symbols instead of text abbreviations for control labeling.

    Audulus 3.5 has been redesigned to make it easier to release smaller updates such as adding new patches, tutorials, and modules.

    And finally, Audulus now runs in portrait mode on iPhone!

    A big update for 2018! Happy New Year!

    - Audulus now requires iOS 11.
    - We are using iOS 11's new document browser. So you can now organize your patches into folders, search, easily move patches to iCloud, etc.
    - The Module Library is now organized in a hierarchy. You can search too!
    - Patch metadata (tags, author, description) has been removed.
    - You can drag & drop patches from the Files app.
    - Select a node to highlight its connections.
    - Instead of installing examples to your documents folder, you can now browse for examples when creating a new document.
    - Larger example library. Including a preview of the new uModules, currently under development.
    - Audulus now runs in portrait orientation on iPhone.
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    2224 x 1668 - 1M
    2224 x 1668 - 725K
    2732 x 2048 - 2M
  • Please update your 5-star reviews in the iOS App store, as they will all be wiped out by the new update. It just takes a second - you can change a word or two in ones already submitted, but if you can update them, that would be a huge help!

    Here's an in-depth explanation of why 5-star reviews are important:
  • Another plus. I discovered yesterday that, at least for me, Audulus using a multichannel external interface to the iPad now works with Audiobus and AUM. (It use to crash if more than 2 channel IO was in use) like almost all iPad apps it still only supports 2 in/out via IAA or Audiobus but using the mixer in AUM or Audiobus now allows you to do much more sophisticated routing!
  • @stschoen - yess! I'm really excited for AUv3 Audulus as well as AUv3 hosting in Audulus 4 *crosses fingers*
  • Intro docs finally updated as well - check here for how to use the new browser!
  • Even though you can't host an AU directly in Audulus at this point you can host one in AUM and route to or from Audulus.
  • The new file browser’s a great improvement. A pleasure to use.
  • @rudiger thanks! Glad you're enjoying it :)
  • Weird.
    My Appstore "updates" does not list Audulus 3.5. When I open the Appstore, the place where the "update" button should be reads "open".
  • @Bozotoo - you might have automatic updates turned on (and thus is already updated to 3.5)? Check out and see if your browser looks like the one depicted there.
  • Thanks for your usual quick reply, but no that is not it. I checked; I am still in 3.2.4.
  • Can I delete and then re-install Audulus, but somehow retain all my patches?
  • @Bozotoo what version of iOS are you on? 3.5 requires iOS 11
  • @stschoen - good point - you need iOS 11 @bozotoo - does your device work on iOS 11? We integrated Files, which is an iOS 11 only feature, and it makes file browsing a lot easier on iOS.
  • Holy Snikieeez!
    Haven’t even dug into it yet, but the new patch browser!
    Wow! So good. So so good. Thank you!

    But aaah where’s all my personal modules now?

    oooof. And the ‘add module’ option is gone?!

    Is the idea to kinda go back to the old school and just save your module as a separate file in a folder? If so ... ugh ... digging through that iCloud file dialog every time I want to use one of my own modules?! I must be missing something. Is it possible to add my own category in the module library or something?
  • Nice. But - patch metadata (tags, author, description) has been removed - Really? Why?
  • Yes. I am using a brand new iPad Pro 12.9 running iOS 11.
  • @SansNom - not many people really used it, you can still mark authorship within a patch with text as well as add descriptions, and it just doesn’t ultimately work with the new folder system. If people used it to find patches in the past, the new folder system obviates that since they were always kind of trying to be folders.

    @bozotoo - can you upload a screenshot of what Audulus looks like in the app store and also right after you open it up on your iPad? To take screenshots you just need to press power and home at the same time.

    @plurgid - so yes it’s gone in some sense, but the new system is still way faster than the old one considering that it loads immediately and also you can drag n drop multiple files at once without the window closing between new modules. You can also use Audulus in splitscreen with the Files App to quickly draw out your custom modules. We’ll probably add the ability to add your own modules directly into folders at some point, but we have to figure out how to do it first - it’s not very clear.
  • @plurgid It takes a little getting used to, but It's not too bad once you organize your personal stash of building blocks into folders in you cloud storage or "on my ipad" drive. But I do agree that it needs to be learned and isn't completely obvious, I too would like to have a folder in the same interface as the factory module library.

    Over all, this is a great update.
  • I think the simplest approach would be to add a local "user" folder to the Modules menu. By locating the folder in the local Audulus documents directory it would be accessible to the user who could copy or save their own modules to the folder. Ideally the user would not be able to delete the folder itself, only the files and folders within it but I'm not sure if that is feasible. One option would be to check if the folder exists at launch and if not, create it.
  • hmm guys i can't see the update on the French App Store !
  • @Nömak - just checking, but you're looking at the iOS store right? This is only an update for iOS at the moment
  • Apologies if this has been covered before/elsewhere, but are the iPad and iPhone versions meant to be separate purchases, i.e. if you buy the iPad version you don’t automatically get the iPhone version too?
  • @fieldview - no, you should be able to get both just by downloading it for one device. If it's not showing up on one or the other, you're probably logged into a different account with each device. You can turn on family sharing if that's the case and should be able to use the app that way! :)
  • Thanks very much - yes, logging out of the App Store on both devices and logging back in has solved it. Cheers.
  • @fieldview - awesome, let us know what you think! :)
  • I'm on an ipad air 2 and debating whether to install ios11. Have you tested this 3.5 release much on old hardware? I'm kind of tempted, but worried about performance, glitching etc.
  • I’m on an Air 2 and have had pretty good results with iOS 11 and no problems with Audulus 3.5. I was a beta tester and I haven’t encountered any significant problems with any of the betas. I’ve stressed it pretty hard with the vocoder patch i recently posted and I was impressed with how well it ran
  • @viilis - everything was tested for Air 2 on iOS 11 so it works! Now that they’re about to release the option to turn off the automatic battery slowdown, it will be better probably than even now on iOS 10.
  • Thanks guys, guess I'll take the plunge.
  • Not yet in the store of my country, just waiting.
  • @UniMu - are you on iOS 11? It won't show up for you if you're not
  • Just added a bunch of new uModule patches for the next 3.5.1 update - there are *hundreds* more modules in there. @stschoen @robertsyrett - there might be some older versions of your modules in there, as i just dumped and merged the folder as it is on my computer, but it'll be a work in progress moving them over and adding them in :)

    I'm going to Puerto Rico for a vacation for the next week, but I'll have internet and still be working for at least a few hours a day to respond here and keep on building the patch library. So excited to get a little sun!
  • Hey,
    cool to see your continued great work on this app! All the things adressed in the update make great sense to me.

    There is one thing though: I use Audulus on iPhone and (correct me if I’m wrong here) the landscape mode is gone. I personally don’t really see the use of there not being an option to switch between the modes. Especially making connections is a hassle in portrait mode. Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

  • @lauflicht - Thanks! Glad you like it :)

    Landscape mode is not gone - you just probably have orientation lock on. Just turn it off and rotate your phone and it will adjust. It forced landscape before but now it will obey the orientation lock. :)
  • @biminiroad - It works now. I had checked for the orientation lock but it was a matter of restarting the app I guess that fixed it. Thanks :)
  • @lauflicht - no problem! Glad that worked for ya. Please let us know any other feedback you have about the update as it comes to you though! :)
  • I got the same problem with the App Store. I am currently using iOS 11. The updates list doesn’t show that the update is available. I am confused why there is no update in Australian App Store. Please help if possible.
    2048 x 1536 - 906K
    2048 x 1536 - 2M
    2048 x 1536 - 280K
  • @Trienas - I just responded by email, didnt realize you were already on iOS 11. I know it’s silly but can you confirm that your current version is 3.4 and not 3.5? Sometimes people also have auto updates enabled and don’t realize the update has actually already happened.
  • The screenshot shows that I am in version 3.4.6 Audulus.
    2047 x 1536 - 802K
    2048 x 1536 - 950K
  • On my old iPad Air 2 I also had the problem of the update not showing up. I solved the problem by deleting the app and installing it again.
  • @rudiger ahhh, the classics never get old!
  • Delete/reinstall is like the iOS version of "turn it off and on again" haha
  • hi, i see that Audulus 3.5 doesn't require just ios 11 but ios 11.2, i can't install it on ios 11.1 ipad/iphone, can't be made that it only require ios 11? and not always to be updated to the latest version which apple does it every week? :P , thanks
  • @sot - if you're not on iOS 11.2, you really should be - especially after initial big updates, they release security updates and fixes to the initial release that help your iOS device run faster and be more secure.

    Our philosophy is that Audulus will always run on the latest version of an iOS, and if other apps don't function correctly on the latest iOS releases, that's an issue with those apps, not Audulus. So you shouldn't be disappointed with us that Audulus requires a newer version, but disappointed in the other developers for holding you back.

    So much of the discussion in iPad Musician facebook group and other iOS forums is around "Does X app work on the latest iOS version?" or "This app is broken on the latest iOS version - do not update!" The answer shouldn't be to not update, it should be that devs make their apps work on every new iOS version.

    We try to make Audulus work on as many iOS versions as possible, but Audulus also integrates a lot of functionality only provided by newer versions (like iOS 11 in general, the Files system, for example). Other apps get by on older OSes because they're not as complex.

    It's partially Apple's fault for making it so difficult to keep up with the changes, but it's also really the fault of other developers not keeping up with the times too.

    Audulus should not require a new update past 11.2 unless otherwise specified, but, all due respect, really, if you're being held back on 11.0 or .1, it's because of other apps not doing their job and keeping up. The iOS audio ecosystem is large and complex and shouldn't be held back by the less active/caring developers. That said, we just updated the "What's new" description to reflect that it requires 11.2 - sorry about the confusion! We are always on the latest OS when we test, so we don't always catch backwards compatibility issues.
  • alright, understandable, i just thought that i would not have any issue cause i already had ios 11, thank you.
  • @sot - thanks for understanding - it's our bad that we didn't put 11.2 there, should show up from now on though! Thanks for pointing that out.