HRTF / Binaural Encoder?
  • SSIA - from what I've read the HRTF's are "computationally intensive" - has anyone cooked up anything of the kind in Audulus to date?

    Thanks in advance - all the best!

  • I'm interested in this as well! I know someone made a binaural encoder app - just not sure how to do it in Audulus. I'm sure it has something to do with managing delay times and phase relationships, right?
  • correct! and the key (I'm no DSP mathematician but...) if I understand correctly is the Head-Related Transform Formula (HRTF) which is like a grid of points in a (roughly) spherical space, blocked for the torso etc - I will drill down for the last really good reads I found on the topic once I'm home later - cheers!
  • I doubt this will help you get any closer to encoding it, but these mics shown at NAMM this year are a pretty cool idea.
    *edited with actual video URL ha!*

  • good data - but I want to SYNTHESIZE binaural, not record it! I do appreciate the info tho, absolutely! thanks!

  • @DS_in_the_ATX - if you can find some open source C++ code that does this, there's a possibility we can just plonk it into an update as a new node?