Manual or Variable Value Thingy
  • Hi,

    It's my first time sharing something I made!

    My apologies for the terrible, terrible name, but I'm at a loss for naming this one. It's a simple utility that I made to control the frequency of an oscillator in a bigger synth I am making, but you could use it for any kind of control really. The manual knob simply controls its target like the target itself would -- just a manual control. The auto button is the fun button. Engage that and the output lets the LFO under the hood do its magic. The exposed Hz, oct and wave knobs are from the LFO inside the patch. The range controls how wide or narrowly the values fluctuate.

    Inside the patch, I am clamping values between 20 and 150, and I have the manual knob also set with a min/max of 20 and 150, because these values were useful to me in my synth. Is there a way to make these variables that a user could enter on the front of the patch somehow? I don't mind going in and changing these when I need to, but it is annoying in terms of sharing it with everyone and making it easy for others. Sorry! :(

    When auto is on, the manual knob controls where in the min/max spread the fluctuations occur.

    I like fluctuations in pulse width, frequency, volume, etc, but I also like being able to manually control these elements too when playing. If you like those things too, you might find this useful.
    Manual or Variable Value Thingy.audulus
    Manual or Variable Value Thingy.png
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  • Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 12.00.41 AM.png
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    Manual or Variable Value Thingy Revised.audulus
  • Robert, that is so dope! Thank you so much. It is very educational. :)

    Could you also post the revised version of just my original patch? Your generative melody version is cool as hell too!!

    I have a lot to learn but hopefully I learn fast and thanks so much for helping!
  • Well, from the point where I took the screenshot, I continued edit it. I removed the LFO sub module and replaced it with one I designed just because I like how the waves morph into one another. I suppose it's hard to recognize though, because I changed the labeling to fit into the inside of the knobs. Here is a version with labeling closer to the original.
    Manos Varuable Thingy Revised.audulus
    Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 6.48.13 AM.png
    1842 x 897 - 187K
  • Thanks! I did one small additional revision. I gave the frequency value on the front panel more room to breath and inside, I reused the 20/150 min/max values inside the clamp node as variables y and z. And I documented that bit, per your advice. :)

    Your version is a lot more advanced, so I have tons to learn. Thanks again!
    Manos Variados Cosa Revisado.audulus
  • Hey, thanks for sharing! It’s always interesting to see what people are making. Look forward to seeing the synth you are making.
  • Neat utility, thanks for sharing @daveknapik! I keep forgetting how useful the crossfade node is sometimes - patches like this remind me of it :)