Self-Playing and Generative Music
  • Could you please point me to the best patches for self-playing and generative music.

    In particular, is there a patch associated with the July 5 YouTube by bimini road called "Creating a Self-Playing Patch in Audulus".

    I searched and was not able to find a patch to go with the excellent tutorial.

    Thank you very much for any help.
  • What kind of self-playing patch are you looking to make?
  • Slow new age type drones with slow melodic melody for a start.

    Do you know if there is a patch associated with the bimini road july 5 youtube i mentioned above. It looked like a good patch to study and learn from.

    Thanks for replying and any help you can give me.
  • I think you mean this video?

    If you turn on the captions and he explains his technique. He is using spline nodes to control different parameters. The spline node looks up a value between 0-1 and whatever height you have plotted sent out. So he is making a custom LFO, basically.

    He also has sequencers running at different lengths and using quantizers to make melodies.

    I made a quick patch to demonstrate what I am talking about, please understand that the art of generative patch making is not limited to these techniques but rather meant to be a springboard for further exploration.
    quick generative explaination..audulus
  • Thank you very much for your time, and the patch you made is excellent and just what i was looking for. Something i can learn from, modify and go crazy with. Really great!

    Appreciate it.
  • No problemo! @biminiroad is pretty busy right now getting married, but I would look at his uModular collection as it has lots of useful modules designed to make music with these techniques. Also, If you come up with anything cool, feel free to post it :)
  • @waynewedge - check out these too :)

    @robertsyrett - thank you! I'm back now, all settled in finally :)
    Falling Short.audulus
    Rest Stop at the End of Nowhere.audulus
  • @biminiroad I especially enjoy the falling short patch!
  • Thank you for your response. Falling Short is just amazing. Listened with headphones. Really very nice. Now it’s time to study, study, study and come up with some cool stuff myself.

    Thanks again.