Audulus with and Expert Sleepers ES-40/Silent Way - Doable with limits.
  • Hey all, this is my first post here. Not sure if it's in the right spot so please advise.

    Been interested in Audulus, especially interfacing with hardware, for a while and after meeting Mark at KnobCon, I was really interested, but there was always a question of how I/O worked and if it could work with ES-40 hardware since it need demuxing of the audio signal to distribute to the output headers. Also note, because of said mux/demuxing, and the bandwidth of 2-channel SPDIF the ES-40 uses, audio-rate signals are a no-go, or at least not pretty. They WILL alias, which could be cool, I guess.

    I finally got my Mac upgraded from Yosemite, Audulus installed, and some time to play. Here are my findings thus far and I'd love if anyone (official or otherwise) can see if I've gone wrong, missed an easier way, or might have some feature requests.

    First, you can't just dump Audulus output to your interface's SPDIF output, into the ES-40, and expect that to be pretty. Some apps (e.g. CV Toolkit) know the magic to do this directly, but as far as I know, Audulus does not at this time. So, you need the support of Silent Way plugins, which means running Audulus itself as a plugin. Maybe someone (me???) could check with Os and see if it's possible to do the magic in a sub-patch - AFAIK it's 'just math.' But for now, for me, it's Silent Way.

    So here's what I've got working in a test patch:
    My DAW of choice is Reaper since you can pretty much route anything to anything and it's freakin' cheap.
    One thing I've found is that for the plugin to RUN in Reaper, Audulus itself needs to be running stand-alone as well. I don't know if this is related to license-checking or what, but this took me a bit to figure out when trying to re-load my project that had just been working would hang.

    - Open a new track.
    - Since we're interested in working with CV, not audio in this instance, open Routing and uncheck Master Send. Keeps nasty audio out of your headphones/off your monitors.
    - While in track routing, _ Add Hardware Output _ to the SPDIF Out the ES-40 is on.
    - Set input to where you're getting rack signals. In my case, I have and ES-7, so I set input to the SPDIF IN pair on my Scarlett 18i8. In my test, I had input monitoring on and record armed - not sure if required, but not at my rig now.
    - In FX:
    -- Add an instance of Audulus (Effect). I have it listed twice as well as a non-Effect version. I have NO idea what the differences are, but either one of the Effect ones has worked for me.
    -- Add an instance of SW (Silent Way) ESX-8CV Combiner - Set Channel to whichever header you have your CV expander on. By default it passes the audio on plugin bus 1 and 2, so either adjust the Input section on the plugin, or (my preference) open the I/O matrix in the top right and shift the inputs, e.g. 1 -> AU input 3 (instead of 1), 2 -> AU input 4. I think this is one thing that trips people up with Silent Way a lot.

    That's it. Patch away. The limitation I have found is that in plug-in mode, the I/O of Audulus seems limited to 2 channels each way. The "DAC" sub-patches (even if you had them in an imported patch) disappear. The only output choice I see is 'Speaker,' limited to a stereo pair. This leaves 6 channels on a CV-8 expander unused. I suppose you could stack 3 more instances of Audulus (and use the plugin routing appropriately), but obviously this is not ideal. The plugin needs more outputs, IMHO.

    I have a simple demo patch that takes 2 envelopes in (from Maths in my case), does some simple mangling/switching, and outputs two new derived envelope loops. I'd be happy to share video and/or the patch if anyone is interested. Or even a whole Reaper project. That said, I'm really not sure how much interest there'd be. I feel like we ES-40 folk are few and far between. There really are much better options out there these days (ES-8), but some of us got locked in and make the most of it.

    HTH, sorry for the long and winding text. Dashing this off before work and will correct/answer questions as needed.

  • I also use Reaper and I also have the Audulus plug-in listed twice. Not sure why, I've verified that there is only one instance of the file.I have not found it necessary to have Audulus running stand-alone in order to use the plug-in. It is necessary to have it installed. The plug-in has not been updated for a while and is missing some of the recent additions to Audulus like the ADC and DAC nodes. Hopefully we will see a refresh soon.
  • Yeah, I'm pretty sure the first time or two I used the plugin, I didn't have the standalone open, but I've tested it about a dozen times now - no standalone, loading the plugin kicks off a beach ball. It's very weird.

    A refresh would be nice. I worked up a test patch in standalone before I was at my interface, etc. When I imported that into the plugin and the DAC and ADCs were gone . . . o.O Managing, though.