Polyphonic MIDI interface with velocity output
  • After looking at @Golgoth's excellent work-around for the polyphonic MIDI velocity bug, I started thinking about how it could be extended to more that 4 note polyphony. I came up with the attached. It supports polyphonic output with gate velocity for all polyphonic settings up to 16 notes. You will need to open the module and select the number of notes and the MIDI channel if necessary. It's currently set for 8 notes.
    Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 6.33.20 PM.png
    1338 x 1118 - 75K
    Polyphonic MIDI interface with Velocity.audulus
  • Nice! I think 8 is sufficient for for most uses no? If you are using more than 8 notes expressively it would be easier to split the patch into two midi channels anyways.
  • I would think 8 would be adequate. Certainly for my somewhat limited keyboard skills.
  • Good job ! Far simpler than my work :)
  • I never would have thought of it without seeing your patch :)