Linear Feedback Shift Register
  • Just some food for thought for someone who wants to make this:

    If you don't make it, I probably will at some point!
  • Which linear function did you have in mind?
  • Was thinking I'd do both of them, just saw someone on VCV had looked this up and made their own CMOS hardware version of the Fibonacci one - seemed cool!
  • The Fibonacci would be pretty straightforward. I already have a couple of shift register modules that would be suitable. We'll need some way to set the seed. I could do a parallel input where you set all the bits with a gate, or a serial one where you clock the bits in and then switch to internal operation. Also would you want to clock it at audio rates. I have the z-1 based register I did for the Blippo that will run at >20k or one without the unit delays that only runs reliably to 1k or so. I can output all the bits so you'll have some flexibility as to how you use them. 16 bit register?
  • Here's one using the z-1 fast register. Set the seed by clocking bits in with loop held low or by raising set (all ones). Once you've set the seed, raise loop high to switch to internal feedback operation.
    Fibonacci Linear Feedback Shift Register..audulus
  • Here's a little demo patch. The random generator feeds the register to provide a seed until you select the toggle connected to the loop gate. When loop is high the register will be running as a LFSR.
    Fibonacci Linear Feedback Shift Register Demo.audulus