FM rhodes
  • Hi all !
    Here is an FM rhodes based on two PM (or DX FM) oscillators.
    Best with a true midi keyboard.
    Enjoy !
    FM Rhodes.audulus
  • This is an interesting approach to phase modulation, that really takes advantage of the way the sine function basically has a built-in fract function. I would recommend that you make the audio it's own out, rather than embedding the speaker node, so you can mix more easily. Thanks for sharing!

    edit 11:38 - I converted it to a umodules so you can see what I am talking about. Also I am wondering what is up with the funky poly to mono thing going on with the gate? What does it do other than multiply the voice count by 4?

    edit 11:45 - Ok, I saw the other thread about the velocity being turned off in most poly nodes, still I think it sounds pretty good without it :)
    Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 11.37.52 PM.png
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  • Thanks !
    Yes, it's better with the speaker out of the node.
    In the original version, there's some delay before the tremolo. Perhaps it could be fine to have a knob to adjust it.
    The lack of velocity in poly-mode is a real problem when you play with a midi keyboard. I hope this oversight will be soon updated :)
  • I LOVE this! It's straight epiano cheese in the best way. Thanks for making it! And yes that's a bug that Taylor will fix once he gets some time :)