Sequencer with the ability to skip steps?
  • Hello, new Audulus user here! Really love the variety and ingenuity yall got going on with the sequencers, but I'm having difficulty finding any sequencers other than the Strip Sequencer that have the ability to skip steps, and the Strip is a bit too bare bones for my purposes. ie I love the "Bassic Sequencer" with its built-in quantizer and ability to modulate the step values, but it seems like a no-brainer that there should also be a switch-per-step or like a button to just turn off a given stage. I'm sure there's a good reason, but all I could find on the forums about this is a post from 2015 regarding Bimini's Gemini Sequencer, which I guess he created to address this very issue? Anyway it's an Audulus 2 file so of course I can't open it... Any hints or leads or a simple crash course in the under-the-hood lower-layer stuff I could do to modify, say, the Bassic, or if there is indeed a seq in the library or on the forums that has both built-in quantization, variable step values, aaaand the ability to skip steps, would be *immensely* appreciated! Thanks so much in advance, and thanks for being such a cool and righteous and creative community!
  • I’m not sure exactly what you mean by “skip steps”. The attached variable chainable sequencer will skip a given step if the step length is set to 0 if that’s what you’re looking for. The chain out from the master attaches to the chain in on the first slave. Chain out on the first slave goes to the chain in on the second etc. The chain out on the last slave goes to the chain in on the master. Upper center output is chained sequencer value, lower is local to the module for the slaves. R on the master is reset. The note gate out from one unit can be chained to the gate in on the next if desired. The gate goes high with the leading edge of the clock for each note and stays high for the duration of the note. See the attached demo for an example
    uSequence V1.3.audulus
    uSequence Demo.audulus
  • @Romulus The uSkipStep sequencer I adapted from @afta8's patch also seems to fit the description of what you are looking to do, you might wish to look inside it and make your own version. But once you get used using @stschoen's sequencers, you'll find they are excellent!
    uSkipStep uSlewStep u8GateSeq.audulus
  • That’s quite a handy collection. I particularly like the slew unit.
  • Question thoroughly and wonderfully answered, thank yall so much! The uSkipStep patch is more or less exactly what i was looking for (running it through a quantizer i get precisely what I was thinking re that variation on the Bassic). Once again, v v much appreciated!!
  • Ok, apologies, both the STS chainable seq and @RobertSyrett 's seqs are rad in their own right, but I now realize my wording really didn't articulate what I'm looking for, which is not actually the ability to 'skip' steps, ie dictating that when the seq arrives at a given stage it simply plays the next, but actually having the seq play a rest (or silence) for certain stages. A little bit like the "gate mode" functionality on Intellijel's Metropolis, if anyone's familiar with that.
  • @Romulus - so to do that, you need to use a sequencer that is outputting both a gate and a pitch. Here's a quick 'n' dirty way to do it with just regular sequencers. This will eventually be added as its own separate module. But this way you can not only add skips, but add dynamics as well.

    Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 8.37.46 AM.png
    1440 x 900 - 552K
    Sequencer Step Skip Example.audulus
  • Welcome by the way! :) Let us know if you have any other questions about Audulus! Make sure you check out the livestreams here as well.
  • Here a version with gate skip.
    uSequence with gate skip Demo.audulus
    Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 9.24.37 AM.png
    3724 x 2364 - 918K
  • Here's a combined version of the thing I made above - has two gate outputs, one that is dynamic, and the other that outputs the gate unaltered so long as the knob isn't turned all the way down.
    Emphasis Sequencer Demo.audulus
  • Ok yes, exactly what i was looking for (and in more ways than one)! Wow all three of these are really helpful in both pure usefulness and in helping me understand what's going on in this specific area in which i'm stumbling around. Yall are fantastic, thank you so much @biminiroad, @stschoen and @RobertSyrett!!