A Cold Winter's Morning
  • The wind chill was -2 this morning when I walked the dogs. I'm sure it was colder for many of you. Nothing too original. One of my earlier patches with an added bass line and hokey pink noise/phaser wind effect. Push the button to start.
    Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 12.27.40 PM.png
    2894 x 2516 - 2M
    A Cold Winter's Morning.audulus
  • I like it. I'm enjoying the various arpeggiation techniques.
  • Thanks. I'm working on an arpeggiator that has a gate to control the direction rather than multiple outputs.I tried opening it on my iPad yesterday and it's at 125%. Looks like the bell and Leslie emulation are the biggest culprits. I did the Leslie emulation not long after I got Audulus, I might be able to clean it up a bit and save a few cycles. Still, given the large number of z-1 based filters, delays, oscillators, timers etc. it's impressive that it even runs on my Mac.