iOS 11 Files Integration NOW IN BETA! Need Beta Testers (see post for details)
  • The new iOS 11 Files Integration update is a HUGE leap forward for Audulus on iOS. Gone are all the clunky, slow-loading UIs, hard to manage file integrations. The new menu system is fast-loading and intuitive, and file organization is a breeze - now with folders!

    Once I've been given the go-ahead from Taylor, I will post pictures and video of the new UI. Until then, only beta testers will be able to revel in its glory.


    Just download the update in TestFlight! Requires iOS11 obviously, but let us know of any bugs you find. Please try to only report reproducible bugs - we can't do much to fix something if we don't know how to reproduce it.

    Also, please refrain from posting any pictures of the UI on social media - we are going to tweak the UI a bit and I will let you know when it's ok to share them publicly.


    We would like to have more beta testers for iOS. Here are the requirements:

    1) You must have at least one device that you always keep on the current iOS version. A second, separate device on an older iOS version is useful, but it's more necessary that we test on the latest OS versions. People with iPhone and iPad are

    2) You must have a copy of Audulus already - this is not a freebie giveaway. People who were given copies of Audulus in the past are ok.

    3) You must be willing to give detailed, reproducible steps to recreate the bugs you find. We can't do anything with "It crashed, I don't know why." Beta testing is a way for you to help us make Audulus better, but to do that we need your input when you beta. If you just download the beta and don't tell us how it's working, then you're not really beta testing.

    4) Would prefer people who are active members of the forum, but not required.

    5) Beta testing requires you to do a lot of tedious stuff to attempt to find bugs. I am making a thorough rundown sheet of everything you have to do with every new version that comes out to make sure you can spot any bugs. If you aren't willing to do this, then please do not sign up for beta testing.

    If you meet the above criteria, then email me and we'll get you set up!
  • Still haven’t received a beta invite.
  • @stschoen - I think we added you after the beta was already half out the door, you should get a notification with the UI tweaks that are coming shortly. Will keep you posted on that.
  • Just is beta testing going?
  • Hey Mark, I sent you an email about this. Let me know if I can help.
    UF ECE
  • @pierre118 @IMIX - beta for the new file browser is almost done, but we still need beta testers going forward, especially now that AUv3 is hot on the heels of this new release that's coming. Putting the finishing touches on the Files release today - will get beta testers set up soon! :)
  • @biminiroad Thanks for the update.