Roland Boutiques
  • Anyone have these? Anyone use Audulus to clock them? I really want the new SH-01A, 808, and SE-02. Any thoughts from people who have them or others? I mean Audulus takes care of 99% of what I want but I'm just thinking it'd be fun to do a minimal house/techno/acid hardware only set that's sequenced by Audulus (when we get MIDI out) but with 3 hardware synths. Maybe use my EAR AD4096 mk2 for delay but otherwise bring everything back into Audulus through ES-8, apply effects, and send out to PA.
  • I have the JU-06 and two A-01 boutique series and I love them. I was a hater at first because Y U no ANALOG!? but I bought them around christmas when there was a huge sale going on and I haven't regretted it.

    The JU-06 doesn't really get controlled by Audulus, but it pairs nicely with it as a performance synth. The A-01 has CV out and a built-in 16-step sequencer with some interesting pattern variations and I find that you can run those signals into audulus to interact with audulus. Also the A-01 is bluetooth enabled, so I sometimes use it just as a keyboard controller for an audulus patch.

    SH-01A looks amazing. It has CV and gate outs and external clock in on a very familiar and easy-to-use sequencer. That right there makes it worth the checking out, but if the ACB is as good as the JU-06 then the polyphonic sounds are going to be awesome bread and butter synth sounds. I might actually replace the A-01 I use to control the modular with the SH-01A

    The TR-08 also looks so convenient, although some of the magic of having an 808 is mitigated by the fact that I already have an analog drum machine and some drum modules. I probably won't get this but I may change my mind if it's discounted several hundred dollars around christmas time.

    Te SE-02 is just on another level. Since I have a sub 37 I can't justify buying it, but It's so tempting! It has cv inputs so controlling it with Audulus would actually be possible right away.

    So yeah, I might sell one of my A-01 and buy a SH-01A but I will just have to deal with the GAS for the other two until some clearance sale rolls around.
  • audulus + A-01 = a bit of a limitless combo. especially if audulus gets sysex + bluetoothMIDI
  • My dad is the best guy ever - he watches the Audulus Twitter account, saw that I was tweeting about the SH-01A, and got it for me for my birthday (August 23rd) in the color I wanted (blue). Yisssss!

    And yeah I'm obviously not opposed to digital synths and for the most part I don't use them with the resonance cranked all the way, which is where you can tell the most, I more just want something physical to play with and knobs to twiddle that's not just a nondescript MIDI controller.
  • @biminiroad - you are a lucky guy :D i need to buy all stuff by myself haha
  • happy birthday!