New Forum Categories
  • The Audulus forum has grown a LOT over the past year, and there is a lot of amazing information here. Unfortunately, up until now, it's been hard to dig through it all.

    Many people have come to the forum to discuss particular types of synthesis - FM synthesis being the most popular. I thought to make a separate FM category, and then I realized I can nest forum topics, so I put lots of different kinds of synthesis topics under the "Help" section.

    The hope is that this will make the forum easier to browse, and inspire people to realize how deep Audulus is. I'm envisioning the newcomer looking at a topic like "z-1 Analog Modeling Filters" and being like, hmmm, that seems cool, I want to learn about that! And then they're suddenly diving into a topic they might never have known about, especially since a lot of the z-1 threads are pushed down past page 1 right now, or they don't necessarily all have z-1 in their name.

    I'm going to go back through old posts and recategorize a lot of them to fit into these groups. This may break some links - if you see broken links, point them out to me and I or the person who wrote the post will fix them.

    If you have other category suggestions, please let me know in the comments below!

    Thank you :)

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  • Would a 'modulation' category be superfluous? Or something related to it?
  • Can you nest more than one level? I'm thinking Patches/Filters/z-1 or Patches/Filters/Low-pass etc.
  • Man, i can't wait for Audulus to go V4 just to see
    "sample-based synthesis, Spectral, Granular" added to the categories