iPad Pro VS Windows Surface
  • I love my iPad Pro 12.9, but Apple is really starting to tick me off with how controlling they are. Specifically, forcing iOS to download without my permission. The 1 gig download kills my mobile internet stick plan which I tether through wifi. I contacted support and they dodged the question for 2 sessions (which took like 3 hours), and then gave me “it’s for your own safety” response. And this 48 kHz “upgrade” without 41 kHz backwards compatibility Audulus crackle thing too. It’s like they kill off old apps so you have to buy the next generation iPad or iPhone. I’m pretty annoyed. Oh, and if your App Store purchase bounces when it takes 4 days to process, they block your account. I spent $1500 CAD on this thing and they won’t give me full control of my device.

    So, how does Audulus fare on Windows Surface? I might trade up. Anyone? Cheers.

    - Erik
  • Windows Surface would seems to be the obvious future of creative endeavours since there is no difference in the programs you use vs a desktop. Photoshop is photoshop and ableton is ableton of the surface. On iOS you have to translate most of the flag ship apps to some near equivalent, even Audulus is slightly different from the desktop version.

    Sadly, Audulus for Windows is a few versions behind. It doesn't have SVG graphics, multi-touch (a key feature for surface use), or the multiple channel i/o that iOS and Mac have. Presumably these features will come after @Taylor debuts his new app, but for the time being near equivalents like Pd or Reaktor would be better options for Surface.

    I feel your rage with the iOS thing though. I really do agree that Apple seems to be becoming increasingly cynical about making older iOS devices obsolete by forcing updates (I think my ipad mini may finally have become worthless) and Windows Surface devices seem like the exciting future (what a topsy turvy world), but for right now Audulus is most at home on a Mac desktop and iPad.
  • Solid response. Thank you.

    The only thing I don’t like about Windows is the lack of security (ironic, hey?). I feel like it comes wide open, and that it is up to you to secure it (and they don’t tell you this). Anyone can Youtube a way to hack into your system. I’m an entrepreneur and a creative artist, so it’s a big deal if someone is spying on me.
  • Audulus isn't optimized for touch on Windows, so if you want that experience, iPad is the way to go. But you can of course use a mouse on a surface as well! I know that touch optimization is a low priority for Taylor for Windows right now.
  • Good to know. Thanks.

    Quite the shitstorm with the iOS battery scandal in the news these days. Everyone knew something was up. I’m hopeful Apple will shape up after this. I hear news on them releasing Mac operating systems replacing iOS as well. Not sure if it’s true, but that would be sweeeeeeet! No more toy apps (Audulus not included in that). You guys know if that’s actually happening?


    I’ve always wondered if they were holding back the iPad so it wouldn’t compete with the MacBook. I mean, its specs are up there. The Pro Gen 2 could encode video faster than some MacBooks when it came out.
  • lol. Shitstorm on both sides. I wonder if this applies to the Surface:


    Looks like choosing between the lesser of two evils. Starting to feel better about my choice.
  • I’m also starting to see the advantage of analog synths and physical musical hardware. Drum machines anyone? Or dedicated computers that have no modems. I’m getting paranoid. lol. IEMs so there is no sound seep. Go under my blankets in some dark cave, so nobody jacks my beats. Put too much work into this stuff...

    This looks pretty cool:

  • lol. This sounds like the equivalent of giving your kid a private diary with a key, and having a copy of the key yourself:


    Made to fail? Hmm... I always had that hunch with Windows. “Free software! Pirate stuff like nothing! All for a low, low, entry price!”

    I wonder how Apple fairs with the problem? “Apple has yet to respond to requests for comment”.
  • Looks like macOS has a patch for the Meltdown exploit in High Sierra 10.13.2 which is the current release version of High Sierra. Windows 10 also has a patch as do some Linux versions. Nothing mentioned for the Spectre variant.
  • @stschoen - thank you I was wondering the same thing. Will update now!