Purchase decision?
  • I've been reading in the various forums,including here,about the state of the Windows version. My question is:should I buy Audulus for Windows at this time?
  • Although there are some limitations to the Windows version in comparison with the iOs version, the value that Audulus provides for the price is still incredibly worth it. You still get the main functionality of Audulus plus you will have access to the massive library of shared patches and modules on this forum. Additionally, the limitations currently in the Windows version for Audulus 3 are supposedly going to receive updates in the future to bring it more inline with the iOs version.
  • Thanks for your opinion,RileyGuy. Sounds good (but have a minor concern about the time frame of the updates).
  • Hey nak21! Taylor has indeed been putting Windows on hold as he rounds homebase on his new iOS app, but he is going to be done very very soon. It wouldn’t hurt to buy it now, learn how to use it, and get the updates shortly after. Also for an app that is done by basically 3 people (Taylor, myself, and @bas, our iOS contractor) we do put out a ton of free updates per version.

    If you’re a little more specific about what you want out of Audulus at the moment I can tell you if the Windows version will work for you right now.
  • Thanks,biminiroad. Good to know about the status of the Windows updates. I'm convinced,I'll be buying now. I had nothing specific in mind now,just wanted to be sure that Windows was still being supported. Do you have an idea as to what percentage use the Windows version?
  • Windows/Linux is probably 5%? iOS is like 75% and Mac is 20%. Thats more of a gut feeling than hard data though.