Audulus with Apple Pencil
  • hi there!

    it would be great if the zoom level at which dialing knobs and patching connections is disabled would be adjustable.
    i‘m using a pencil with zmors modular and can even edit patches when i‘m zoomed out quite a bit which makes working on big and complex patches much easier and much more fun.
    it would be great if i also could work that way in audulus.

  • We might be able to make a zoom level exception for the Apple Pencil, but in general there’s this requirement from Apple of a minimum touch interface that we have to follow. It was definitely a rule conceived not thinking about apps like Audulus. I’ll look into it!
  • THAT would be super happening!
  • and another suggestion (for audulus 7 or so...)
    handwriting recognition. if i could just write vco, vcf, env or something else in an empty space on the canvas and i'd get a list of objects to choose from i could draw synthesizers! yay!

  • I find myself using the Apple Pencil quite a lot when working with Audulus. I find it especially useful in tight situations like making a connection to a partly concealed input or output, or when I’ve squeezed an input or output between a knob and its label (as I did in the Blippoo Box).

    Being able to make connections without zooming in would be a great addition.
  • I added this to the user requests - seems like a great idea! Not sure how feasible it is vis-a-vis the graphics engine that Audulus runs on, or how hard it would be developed, but I know Taylor knows a LOT about the Apple pencil.
  • I also added a separate request about Audulus detecting the Apple Pencil and allowing you to make connections when you're zoomed out farther than is currently allowed.

    The reason for this, btw, is the "smallest touch area" requirement by Apple HQ. It was definitely set with other apps in mind, as I remember Audulus 2 not meeting this requirement, and it was still easier to use and make connections from further out.