MonoMonster (mono-synth module)
  • Hi all! My name is László Bolender of Triangle Wave Records, and I'd like to introduce one of the first modules I've ever made with Audulus. It's called the MonoMonster.

    If you're looking for a mono-synth, the MonoMonster is what you need!
    It has 3 oscillators, which can be independently set to different octaves. Also, it's mono, but I made a circuit that makes it possible to pan oscillators 1 & 3 left or right, or inversely. It has a useful "Detune" knob as well to make it sound even bigger. It also has an Overdrive/Limiter circuit, a multi-mode filter, an ADSR with an output (so you can have it shape anything else) and two independent (or syncable) LFOs.

    Let me know what you guys think! I know it's not perfect so I'll keep on updating it but right now it's at a good functional stage.


    László Bolender
  • P.S.: Trying to add the Audulus file, but it's not working for some reason... Keep an eye out!
  • LOL, I was wondering where the mono monster was, I am definitely intrigued :)