Desktop UX — using the keyboard
  • I feel the keyboard is vastly underused in the desktop version, and that results in a sometimes hard to navigate and inconsistent experience.

    One of the things I find very annoying is that the function of the alt key and spacebar differs from what is the established standard in most Mac software and in all Adobe software. Alt + drag is normally associated to creating a duplicate of an element and then displacing it. Spacebar is normally used to pan around the workspace. In Audulus, there is no shortcut for fast duplication, and alt pans around. Some people may disagree because they may not be used to the same things — but I think we need a proper keyboard config menu.

    Another thing is that node creation is a rather slow and janky process. I think we should look up to the way menus work in Blender, if we were to add an element: first of all a keyboard shortcut can invoke a menu (just like the one which drops down from the mouse), has a bunch of categories within. Each of the names of these categories has a letter underlined. By typing that letter, the category is selected and the elements it contains are shown. This process is repeated as we go down the menu tree. This allows extremely fast navigation of the menu as muscle memory builds up. Another thing which would speed up things considerably is to have different shortcuts for each category of node we have: fundamental nodes, modules, and patches. Right now their hierarchy is pretty badly organised: fundamental nodes are on the first level of the tree, but everything else is on the fourth level of the tree as modules and patches are all organised into sub-categories.

    Another very useful function is the search shortcut — this could actually be added to the the menus we'd have for each node category — it would narrow down results in a very significant way.

    I think the implementation of these changes can make Audulus' UX much more refined and streamlined. Please share your thoughts about it!
  • I generally agree with you. One of the side effects of using Audulus too much may include trying to use the alt key to try and scroll around in Illustrator or other Adobe products.

    It took me waaaay too long to discover that Audulus has a folder where you can create your own file structure in the mouse drop down menu. I was able to add frequently used modules, such as via and audio out with volume knob, to highest levels so that I wouldn't have to go through 5 levels of menus to get a via. It has made life much easier and I highly recommend it ASAP.
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  • @RobertSyrett Good tip. Thanks!
  • @simondemeule I was trying out a few things in Blender earlier this year and I agree that the menus are a good way of managing a wide range of commands. The latest version of also has iA Writer a quick search function that includes commands – works very well (also on iOS).

    I really enjoy working with Audulus on an iPad, but loading modules is slow and frustrating. I mostly end up copy/pasting from a set of patches that have the modules I keep returning to. This is probably the main area I'm looking forward to improvements to in Audulus for iOS.