Ableton Push + Audulus Integration
  • So Ableton has an SDK for their Ableton Push controller - there's possibility that we can build something in Audulus that would allow you to control the lights/screen as well as the MIDI functions.

    Do you have a Push? Does this excite you? What do you wish you could make it do?

    Let us know in the comments below!
  • I have a Push 2. Would be very cool to be able to use Push to control the plugin version of Audulus with it. Unfortunately, I only have the iOS version, currently.

  • Yes! I also only have the iOS version, but that may change in the future. Regardless, I'm all for Push integration.
  • i have a launchpad, sdk for it is also available.. would be nice to be able to control audulus with it :)
  • I have a Push 2 and Audulus integration would be great, I'm actually thinking about diving into the SDK and doing something cool with it too.
  • Anyone have any specific ideas about how they'd like the implementation to look or work?