Christmas Bells
  • A highly transmogrified carol :) (This is a big one and a bit of a CPU hog, don't know if it will run on an iPad.)
    Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 5.22.08 PM.png
    3062 x 2390 - 2M
    Christmas Bells.audulus
  • That is some proper sequencing! I can already tell this will have the desired effect of getting stuck in my head for at least a day.
  • Thanks, maybe it will move out of mine :)
  • This is MADNESS! Wow!!!! So good :)
  • Thanks! ,glad to have you back in the saddle!
  • Patches like this almost make me not want midi piano roll, because the sequencing is that much more impressive when you know that it was done in such a unique way.
  • The only problem I've noticed with this patch is sometimes the sequencing of the parts is spot on and sometimes it's off a bit. If you use the reset toggle you will see what I mean. I think it's probably because the flip-flop clock divider isn't being reset when everything else is. Guess I need to use a resettable flip-flop. It was a lot of fun getting it all set up. In the process I discovered a bug in the uModule sequencer and also added some functionality. The original works fine with one slave, but I left off a connection in the slave. This keeps slaves after the first from working properly. Originally each sequencer's output and gate was independent. I got tired of using add nodes, so I incorporated a built in summed output as well as the original local output and added a chained input to allow the gates to cascade as well. There's nothing like using a module to discover it's limitations. I need to post the updated versions to the the uModular collection as well as a few other modifications and new modules.