Coming back, and wanting to make a special quantizer for es-8... where to start!
  • So, I have a thru-zero rack, with 2 rubicon’s, and a Dixie... I basicallly want to be able to keep them tuned at the same note. then when playing my keyboard into the es-8 split it up into different quantized pitches that will be sent to each module.
    I’m thinking that I would probably need 4 quantizers. 1 to track main signal, then split to 3 that will each be able to be tuned separately.
    Wish me luck, and any pointers much appreciated!

  • Here's something that could prove useful. It's a 16 note variable quantizer. I designed for non traditional scales but it since it allows you to define each note separately, it gives you a lot of flexibility. you input the signal to be quantized and 1 to 16 possible values including the octave. The root note is 0 and you can use any value for the octave depending on your needs. Set unused or masked notes to 3* the octave value and they will be ignored. There is an. o output for the quantized signal and a gate for each note to indicate which note is selected. I've also included the scales module I used it in to give you an idea of its use. There are some very good threads on calibrating and using the ES-8
    16 note quantizer.audulus
    Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 12.10.31 PM.png
    1046 x 1326 - 156K
  • Thanks, that looks awesome! I will try it out tonight!
  • @orlog242 TWO rubicons!?!? That sounds amazing. I recently ordered a Dixie II+ and I feel like I'm living high on the hog. Maybe we can work out some sort of patch exchange. I'll plug your patch into my modular if you give mine a go.

    @stschoen is, like, the king of quantizers. I highly recommend you check out his uQuant module, which is what I use about 90% of the time. He also has a more elaborate version which has all sorts of intoned scales. I also like @Rudiger module the scale bender ( for getting microtonal.

    Attached are some modules that I use all the time when sequencing in CV, hopefully you find they make the ES-8/Audulus experience a smooth one. Also attached is the patch I use to tune my oscillators before connecting the main patch.
    Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 3.56.30 PM.png
    1814 x 907 - 238K
    CV Sequencing Friends.audulus
    VPO Tuning Patch.audulus
  • very nice! bookmarking this to try later.
  • Thanks, these are awesome!
  • Thanks for sharing! Love all the new patches I'm seeing