Folktek Mescaline
  • Anybody here on the forum familiar with the company Folktek ( This is a company I've somewhat followed for over a decade and have always wanted to own one of their unique instruments, but never have brought myself to do so given the price point of most of the pieces (the musical instruments themselves are hand built and are essentially playable artwork).

    Well Folktek had a crowd-funding campaign for a piece called the Mescaline last year and I pulled the trigger on it. After waiting almost 8 months I finally received it!

    The Mescaline is essentially 3 separate modules in a tiered metal frame which can also be individually installed into a regular eurorack case as well. The modules are Channel (10-note polyphonic synth and fx), Motion (sequencers, modulation, clock divs), and Mental (crazy/unique drum synth, drone master, audio/cv mangler, and overall incoming alien frequency emitter). For more on those sections, check out the actual Mescaline page on the Folktek site here:

    Each piece is patchable in various ways with themselvers, with each other, or with external audio/CV gear using the 1/8" jacks provided and the large number of breadboard jumper slots found all over the unit.

    This is actually my first piece of physical gear in the eurorack territory (I primarily play bass and venture heavily into the boutique effects world). Although I purchased it as a standalone item, I am already thinking of the next eurorack modules I would want to start expanding my system with (did somebody say eurocrack?) The @ExpertSleepers ES-8 is of course near the top of the list as being able to throw in custom envelopes, gate triggers, and the sort using the beautiful UI of Audulus would be fantastic. In fact, I'll probably just be hooking some straight audio out from Audulus to this thing very soon just to play around.

    Anyways, hopefully some users on here find this piece of gear or the overall company interesting. I've started uploading clips of me using it online for those interested. The first 3 videos I've uploaded so far are in this playlist:

    If forum users are interest, I’ll post new videos in this discussion as well as better recorded audio clips or songs utilizing the Mescaline. Will also of course share any lips of Audulus audio being sent through this thing as well.
    3024 x 4032 - 3M
  • Looks pretty cool! Interesting design. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.
  • Good luck with your Mescaline.
  • Thanks man! I'm getting more and more used to it everyday. It's a fun little toy to get lost in. I'll post another clip of it soon.