Missing Range Limiter node?
  • New to Audulus 3 iOS & modular synthesis in general; trying to follow along with Tim Webb’s Youtube tutorials. He pulls out a Range node and I can’t find it anywhere in the node library; he’s using the Mac version so I’m guessing it looks different on iOS?
    I thought maybe a Level node would do the same thing, but it didn’t seem to work... also, any advice on hunting for nodes in general? I’m only a few days in with this powerful app but having trouble getting familiar with the inputs and outputs of all the different nodes and modules. thanks!
  • I forget which node they replaced Range with, but you can use an expression node with the "clamp" function to get the range you want. If you want the range to be between 0 and 1 for an input labeled as x, the expression would be:

  • In fact the Range node was probably ditched all together for the simplicity of the expression node.
  • the expression node is probably the best thing about Audulus.
  • @sketcherazzi There are a bunch of ways to accomplish a range. Clamping will just restrict the output.

    (in case you're also asking how range works..)
    In Tim's case, he's mapping a random number (0-1) to a range. You can do that either with an expression node or with a crossfade node. See the screenshot/patch I've attached for an example (I'm using a constant node instead of a random source, but anything 0-1 will work.
    20171129 - ways to do range.audulus
    Untitled 2017-11-29 08-23-51.png
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  • Thanks for all the information folks - just joined the forum and I’m already impressed with the power of Audulus and its community... going to try these suggestions now.
  • Just have to add that I’m still completely flummoxed by Audulus... when I hear “expression” I think of turning frowns upside down - hoping to acclimate quickly.

  • If you haven’t already checked it out, there’s an excellent video intro to Audulus done by @biminiroad at: http://forum.audulus.com/discussion/1524/audulus-tutorial-livestream-modular-synthesis-101-with-audulus-pt-1#Item_13