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  • 5 Stars ***** A fantastic app for modular synth development

    I’ve finally found an app that gives me the perfect amount of abstraction to play with sound. Fantastic job with its development!

    Thank you atrianglehead! (India) Mac v3.4.1

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  • Just want to reiterate - reviews aren't a great place to report bugs, or "punish" us for a bug that's there. Giving us a 3 star review and saying you'll adjust it to a 5 star review when the bug is fixed isn't going to make the fix happen faster.

    You might be accustomed to doing this with big apps where it feels like you need to do this to get the company's attention - you don't have to with us! Anything less than a 5-star review hurts our rankings and hurts our ability to make money and hire people to fix the very problems you want fixed.

    Just something to consider, thank you!
  • Hey Mark, I just updated my review to the current version. 5 stars to 5 stars! Gotta keep those reviews fresh fresh fresh! lol.

    P.S. Everybody, the 3 star wasn't me!
  • Updated reviews like this one really help! Thank you ZJ :)

    5 Stars ***** Best Music-Creative App on iOS!

    This has to be one of my all time favorite apps ever! If you want to see what others are doing with this, go check out the Audulus forums. It’s a treasure trove of amazing patches available for anyone to download. Even if you like to “roll your own” modules, you should still head over and see what the community can offer. You may be surprised to see what the collective has to offer as far as streamlining and fine tuning. Love it!

    Thank you @Zjenji! (United States) iOS v3.4.4

    How to give Audulus a 5-star review & why you should!
  • I've become a part time evangelist! I'm truly addicted to this app. Hell, I was even showing it off at work the other day.
  • @Zjenji - thank you so much!!! :)))
  • I'll second @Zjenji's remark. I haven't had so much fun with music creation in a long time. I recommend Audulus to all my musical friends that have even a passing interest in synths. (and some that don't)
  • 5 Stars ***** First principles approach to synthesis

    I can’t imagine a better way to learn and understand modular synthesis than with Audulus. You get to work with the fundamental “atoms” of synthesis, building up to reusable “molecules”, and there’s an amazing community building cool new things all the time, and helping each other. I now see other synths differently - so often it’s “oh, that’s just X in Audulus, with skeuomorphic graphics to make it look more substantial.” Audulus gets right to the essence of what’s going on, with no superfluous frills to distract.

    Thank you Orand! (United States) iOS v3.4.4

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  • 5 Stars ***** Works great!

    Update: Bugs were fixed in recent update. Thanks! Can't wait to integrate this with my hardware modular synth gear. ---- Just updated to this version from the old. When browsing the node and module library after trying to create a new node, it randomly crashes the app. I'm on iPad Air with newest iOS version. Disappointed because it looks fabulous and seems to work sometimes, but the bugs are super irritating when your in the moment creating. I'll update my review and rating if the bugs are fixed.

    Thank you ThePro2112! (United States) iOS v3.4.4

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    NOTE: Although we'd prefer bug reports go to and not onto reviews (they're after all pretty ephemeral and don't have much with a new customer deciding whether to buy an app or not), we REALLY REALLY appreciate this person not giving us a lower rating as a result. So BIG thank you ThePro2112, if you're here and reading this.
  • 5 Stars ***** Problem of black screen solved

    Thank you so much for the fix ! Very impressed about how fast you did it.

    Thank you @jpalluin! (United States) iOS v3.4.5

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  • 5 Stars ***** Get Deadmau5 to Make Some Patches & Tutorials

    Not asking much. Now get to work :) Very deep, very cool, but not for the faint hearted. Get it anyway....

    Thank you Walksky32! (United States) iOS v3.4.5 - do you know Deadmau5? If so, get us in touch! :)

    How to give Audulus a 5-star review & why you should!
  • 5 Stars ***** BEST!!!

    Best app of all times! fullfill all your dreams with audulus!!!

    Thank you @chenzenmfk! (Switzerland) Mac v3.4.1

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  • 5 Stars ***** just great

    anything is possible

    Thank you Walksky32! (Germany) iOS v3.4.5 - short and to the point!

    How to give Audulus a 5-star review & why you should!
  • If you iOS name is Glass Wedge, just wanted to reiterate:

    Before you give us fewer than 5-stars:

    Please do not give us less than 5-stars to "encourage" us to add a feature you want. That does not help anyone. This kind of downvote reviewing might work with big apps that have millions of users and millions of VC money behind them, but not with Audulus. If you give us less than 5-stars, fewer people will buy Audulus and that means less money to allocate to adding your feature.

    We understand there is a bug with iOS 11. The crackling is caused by a mismatched sample rate with Audulus and the iOS system. The fix for it is simple: plug in lightning headphones or a lightning-enabled audio interface. The crackling only happens when you're just running it from the speakers. We're working on fixing this right now, but your 2 star rating isn't making us fix it any faster - it's just punishing us for the bug. Please reconsider using the rating system as a way to hold a good rating hostage - we're going to fix the bugs anyway! :)