100% Rookies
  • I purchased this app and i have tried and tried to learn how to use it via the little patches they give you but i do not believe it is enough. I dont know what a node is or anything. How do i make a noise that people fist pump to? What is all needed to make the bass bump?
  • The journey of 1000 fist pumps begins with a single oscillator. Here is a random bassline generator, but I would recommend watching the tutorials on the Audulus youtube channel and maybe tuning in this Thursday for the tutorial podcast with @biminiroad.
    RHS Heavy Bass.audulus
  • Yea, watch the livestreams! Mark (aka biminiroad) is an excellent instructor, and by far one of the most humble and dedicated ones out there.
  • Thanks @danveita! Dunno how humble I can be if I get it in my head that I'm the most humble! haha

    This is a good one to start with:


    Then yeah join us today at 6PM EST on the livestream and you can ask any questions you'd like - this one's going to be a general free-for-all Q&A.
  • if you play around for 10-15 hours you can make some cool sounds

    what i like about audulus is that since it is modular, you can work your way back through whatever you or somebody else did to figure out what was really going on underneath, this is impossible with synths like harmor