Where are VCOs in patch "Sunday Sends"?
  • I've been studying this patch. Lovely sounds. But, I can't seem to locate the VCOs in the patch. I've opened each sub-patch I've located but have not found the VCOs yet.

    What have I overlooked? Thanks.
  • Can you post the patch? I don't seem to have it.
  • Here it is. Thanks for taking a look. New to Audulus, so am probably just not looking in the right place.
    Sunday Sends copy.audulus
  • Here you go, follow the arrows :)
    Sunday Sends Oscillator Annotated.audulus
  • i had a quick look and found them in here
    1017 x 725 - 100K
  • @Phal_anx you didn't like my big red arrows? ;-)
  • @RobertSyrett - i dont see any arrows cause i m using the windows version which still didnt get an update... still waiting :(
  • Thanks guys! I thought I tried to open that. Will give a look now.
  • Remember the TV series "Friday Night Lights"? The music created by this patch reminds me of it's theme. Don't know who created the patch. Wonder if that was the intent?