Using Oscillator Modules
  • Hello!
    I've bought Audulus for iOS recently (using iPad Pro), and I am still learning it's basics. I do have a lot of mileage with analog modular synth, but this is somewhat different... I did successfully made most basic subtractive synth patch, but only managed to get working the oscillator Node, the simple one. When I try to switch to more complex oscillator modules, I can't get any sound. I kept all conections (gate and pitch) from the keyboard module the same. I did manage to get a sound from delay string module, but without pitch control, it recognized only gate information from keyboard module. All other osc. modules from the library I couldn't get any sound from...
    So, what I am doing wrong? :)
  • Hi @Dodecabilly - Its always good to post the patch aswell - its much easier for all who want to help you ;) so the folks here can see what you actually did create and where the problem is..
  • The usual problems are that you need to use a Hz2o module to convert the hz coming from the keyboard node into a signal the oscillator understands and there needs to be a value (1 usually) in the "e" input, which is basically amplitude.
    Oscillator set up basics..audulus
  • Hey are you the one who reached out on Facebook? If so, still feel free to email me, or you can post the patch here.

    @RobertSyrett thanks for the patch!
  • Thanks Robert - I did that, and it works now. I wonder why there is the difference between oscillator node and module in that regard... When using node, connecting from keyboard module directly is enough.

    Other thing I need help with - how do I exactly upload patches here from iPad? I tried to upload to iCloud, but when posting here, it does not give me the option do attach it from iCloud...
  • Also - I don't know how to download patches from here to iPad...
  • @Jason11 - are you asking or telling?