Audulus 2.0: Call for beta testers -- NOW CLOSED
  • If you aren't yet an Audulus Beta Tester, and if you'd like to beta test version 2.0, which includes the Math Expression Node, among other exciting new features, please let me know!

    - Taylor
  • Yes! - Mac version only please.
  • I've got it up and running but the help on the Exp node crashes it.
  • @Dcramer, thanks for letting me know. I'll fix that soon.

    - Taylor
  • Hey so what are some resources I can look at to learn the syntax for programming this new node?
  • @Dcramer, well the help would help :-\. The syntax is pretty simple though. These are all valid expressions:


    List of functions:
  • Do we let you know by just posting here? I'd love to get my hands on the expression node. That would be sweet! The sooner the better!
  • @Hewpiedawg, cool! I'll send you an invitation.

    - Taylor
  • I'm feeling pretty damn smart after getting some formulas to work!
    But I really shouldn't have spent my drunken youth playing jazz and chasing women, because now that I need to know how to lop off all the decimal places to create whole numbers I can't figure it out!
    Any ideas?
  • @Dcramer, haha... try the floor function. It rounds down to the nearest whole number (ceil rounds up).

    - Taylor
  • Just out of curiosity: I truncate using a mod and a subtract. Is the new method computationally cheaper?
  • You can use:


    Where 'x' is the input and 'n' is the rounding step. So 'n' could be 1 for integer values but also could 10, 20, or 100 if you want to round to bigger values. (remove the '+0.5' if you don't want it to round up)
  • I tried mod but couldn't figure out how without my new friend, mr. Parsing error.
    I'm totally new to this math expression thing so I'm hacking my way through it!
  • @Dcramer, putting mod(a,b) into the expression node would make it equivalent to the mod node...

    As a general rule of thumb functions follow this format:

    function(argument1, argument2, argument..n)
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  • @afta8, maybe some the old math nodes are now redundant?

    One nice thing about the expression node is that the argument order is quite explicit.
  • Yeah I agree, not sure if its worth removing them though, they are quite handy for quick arithmetic and also for compatibility with old patches. Maybe they are also an easy introduction to the math nodes for new users?
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  • @afta8, cool!

    I'll keep the nodes in the menu.
  • Say, I haven't seen the invitation yet. I'm not trying to be rude or anything, but believe me, I'm waiting for it!

    The anticipation has made me try out sequencing Supercollider from Ableton Live Lite. That's kind of cool, but Supercollider code is sometimes painful to troubleshoot.
  • @Hewpiedawg, its coming :-) I just wanted to fix a couple bugs before I send out another beta.

    - Taylor
  • @Hepwiedawg, invitation sent. I forgot that its actually good to send out the invitation first since you'll need to register your device with TestFlight (the service I use for testing).

    - Taylor
  • @Taylor, Thanks a lot!
  • Good idea to keep the math nodes in there as they help new users to get started. I managed to create the freq to midi note quantizer and back to hz freq expressions I needed for my guitar synth, but I'm still fiddling with tracking.
  • I'd love to test on a Mac but also have the ipad version
  • What is the correct procedure for reporting problems? Here? PM? Or via Testflight?
  • @JDRaoul, reporting via TestFlight is easier for me to keep track of.

    Thanks for your help!
    - Taylor
  • I'm guessing there's no backward compatibility of patches from version to version. How will Audulus 1.x respond to 2.x patches?
  • @JDRaoul, 1.x will not like patches saved with 2.x. The same rule applies to every version: the old version will not work well with files from a newer version. The Mac version might display an error, and the iPad version will just quit.

    Its been on my list to improve that behavior for a while. It should just check a version number in the file and display a nice error if its a newer version. However, this hasn't been much of an issue in practice, as people tend to upgrade.

    - Taylor
  • I'm very happy if I can began to be your Beta Tester...
    I'm Fabio Di Muro from Rome, my artist name is Sinapsya,
    and I'm a beta tester for:
    - iPulsaret
    - iDensity
    - GlitchBreaks
    - TriqTraq
    Let me know if I can...(my TestFlight email is:
  • @Sinapsya, beta test invitation sent :-)

    - Taylor
  • Thanks a lot :-)
    But my installation shut down at 90%
    can't install, I don't know why....
    do you think I must backup, delete and re-install??
  • I use iFunBox, how folder I must copy for save my project???
  • I delete, I re-install but nothing, the problem is the same: at the end of installation it take me this message: "At the moment it's impossible to install Audulus"
    on all my iPads 2 & 4
    I hope it's not a serious problem...
  • @Sinapsya, I've had some trouble with adding people after I upload a build (@JDRaoul had the same problem). Let me upload a new build with you on the list.

    Yes, be sure to back up your work!

    - Taylor
  • Retronyms have the same problem with iMPC update last week, I think the problem is the new iOS update of Apple...
  • Hey, Taylor....any news???
  • Hey @Sinapsya, I'll upload a new build today. I just wanted to fix another bug before sending it out.

    - Taylor
  • Thanks Taylor.....sorry but I can't use your app after yesterday....
  • @Sinapsya, oh, you should be able to delete the beta that didn't download and re-install from the app store.
  • Hi Taylor, if the beta is still in progress I'd like to try it out too. Especially since math node is partially my fault :)
  • @dwarman, beta test invitation sent!

    - Taylor
  • Hi Taylor, am I not supposed to send you device info so you can make me a profile in your builds? (obviously not here:)? Not seeing Audulus in TestFlight (which I am already using for other betas). Or will Audulus automatically show up for me after your next upload?
  • @dwarman, I received your device info. You'll get an email the next time I send out a build, which will most likely be in a few hours :-)

    - Taylor
  • I would interested in Beta Testing the iPad version especially but also Mac.
  • Hey @tedbow, sorry I just closed the beta test period. We'll have a beta test period next time around for 2.1. Thanks for the offer of help!

    - Taylor
  • Hi Taylor, the Sample node for iPad version?