Curvature Standalone Semi-Modular Synthesizer
  • I've been meaning to make more standalone semi-modular synths for people who just want to jump in with Audulus and start making music with a MIDI keyboard or whatever.

    More details to come on this one, but here's a beta version of it for now that you can check out - all that's really missing is a big LFO/Clock/S&H bank (possibly a built-in arp?) that will go below everything. I'll make sure to make a stripped down version that will work on lower-cpu applications, the spring reverb + delay take up a lot of CPU.
    Curvature Synth Low CPU v0.5.audulus
    Curvature Synth v0.6.audulus
    Curvature Synth v0.7.audulus
  • I appreciate the ready-to-go quality of this patch! I'm curious to see the low cpu version.
  • Very nice but a bit too heavy for my iPhone 7+ (Yet not tested on iPad Pro).

    Maybe we should start an extra thread and start collecting instruments, tools and effects as an extra repository when Audulus goes AU - one repository for patches and one for instruments.

    I'm also working on a synth and a lfo tool.
  • @Heiliger_Bimbam - have you checked out the latest forum user patch collection? They're all collected like that now anyway. All the "patches" or self-playing performances things are under "demos" the rest are modules and utilities

    @RobertSyrett - thanks! Will probably finish it tonight at some point.
  • It might be interesting to have an iOS-friendly patch collection that sorts by CPU usage though...that would take a while though and be very hardware-dependent.
  • New version uploaded - beginning to be organized in the internals, easier to follow the signal flow. Uploaded a low-cpu version for people on iPhones and iPads. The low CPU version is keyboard-controlled only (no little demo sequencer in there) so just pull up the onscreen keyboard or plug in a MIDI controller for that.
  • @biminiroad - This is great - a really nice demo of the power of Audulus. It shows off what can be done with effective use of the modules. Thanks for sharing! I look forward to seeing it with all the new node & module docs. BTW, have you updated your Jan 31 graphic recently? :-) :-) :-)
    105 x 128 - 14K
  • @Bryan58 thanks! The docs are going to be done within the next week :)
  • New version upload 0.6
  • New version 0.7 almost done! This one has a horror soundtrack...
  • Curvature Synth v0.9 -Digeridoo.audulus
    Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 7.55.11 PM.png
    720 x 322 - 294K
  • Here's a video of it if you're on an iPhone and it can't handle it:
  • Curvature Synth v0.91 -Self-Playing Madness.audulus
    Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 1.33.50 PM.png
    905 x 363 - 425K
  • Curvature Synth v0.92 -Acid Bass on a Hot Tin Roof.audulus
    Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 11.05.43 PM.png
    768 x 432 - 371K
  • Awesome work. Having lot of fun exploring it.
  • @Heiliger_Bimbam Thanks!

    Here's a new version with built-in quantizer and 3 8-step sequencers.

    From now on, the

    DLX version = deluxe (computer only)


    iOS = iOS compatable, as tested on iPad Air.
    Curvature Synth v0.93 DLX.audulus
  • Only thing that's not connected is the AR envelope at the top! Still mulling over how I want to implement that.
    Curvature Semi-Modular Synthesizer Workstation v0.94 DLX.audulus
  • OMG!
    I know it's passé to call synths "a beast"
    But this one is a beast! Wow
  • Can't wait for the iOS version as this definitely eats up the cpu. I love it so far, though. Mark is a genius.
  • @plurgid thanks!

    @zjenji I'll try to get it out by end of day tomorrow :)
  • Any update on this? Is the CPU use reduction causing issues?
  • @Zjenji nah just caught up in other work. Will try to get a version uploaded today :)
  • @Zjenji - here's the beginning of it...let me know how it runs for you! There's still some optimizations I can do, and it needs a few LFOs to round it out, but what's there is going to be most of it (including the 2 sequencers, quantizer, clock, clock dividers, etc. inside that don't have their controls exposed to the front panel yet).

    Curvature Mini Semi Modular Synthesizer v0.1.audulus
  • Here's an even more CPU-lite version, with several waveforms sacrificed, but with the nice reverb in it.

    Please try it on your device and report back the CPU usage. It uses about 10% on my 2014 Mac Mini, and about 30% on my iPhone 7+.
    Curvature Mini Semi Modular Synthesizer v0.2.audulus
  • v0.1 Run's flawlessly on my iPhone 7+! No clicks or pops. Runs at a consistent 35% CPU usage. I love this!!!! Great job Mark!

    v0.2 Runs well too, just at 28-30%.
  • Curvature Mini Semi Modular Synthesizer v0.3.audulus
    Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 6.33.51 PM.png
    694 x 242 - 88K
  • New one uses about 20% CPU on my iPad. Really fun to mess around with! This thing spits out some cool sounds
  • @cramern - Thanks!!! BTW what iPad version do you have?
  • Love the UI design.If there's any SVG work you need just let me know. I haven't had a chance to play around with it much as yet but so far it sounds pretty amazing. I'm running between 20 and 30% on my iPad Air2.
  • @stschoen - thanks! I'll get back to you on that - you already got the Q one, very nice. I wanna give it another day or so and make sure it's all finished before settling on the final UI.

    Here's another version that's more in slow pad territory (same sequence, just slowed down with longer envelope)
    Curvature Mini Semi Modular Synthesizer v0.4.audulus
  • @biminiroad borrowed an iPad Pro, so perhaps it will use more CPU on my older iPad 2.
  • Envelope in v0.4 is haunting. Great droning.
  • @Zjenji - thanks! Trying to get (most) of it done before the livestream today....

    Here's another version that's a lot closer.
    Curvature Mini Semi Modular Synthesizer v0.5.audulus
  • v0.6 with PPQ controls!
    Curvature Mini Semi Modular Synthesizer v0.6.audulus
  • v0.7 with spline!
    Curvature Mini Semi Modular Synthesizer v0.7.audulus
  • I think this small version's a lot better than the bigger one anyway...maybe this will be the only complete version?
  • Can anyone here with a iPhone 4/5/5s try running this latest version and report back with the CPU usage?
  • ~20% on iPhone 7 (don't have an earlier model) - but you probably already knew that.
    ~30% on iAir2
    ~40-45% on iMini2
  • ~20% on iPhone 7+ and 12.9 pro mk1
  • v0.7 is sublime. There is something about constraints (be it self imposed, system imposed, etc.) that brings out the best in creative types.
  • v0.8
    Curvature Mini Semi Modular Synthesizer v0.8.audulus
  • v0.8 where it was at the end of the livestream
    Curvature Mini Semi Modular Synthesizer v0.8.audulus
  • Awesome! So glad you found the icons useful.
  • @Biminiroad - thanks for another great livestream. I had to drop off before the end, but do have one question. Is it possible to draw lines or boxes in your patch to separate the various modules/units (e.g. sequencers, osc section, envelopes, etc)?
  • v0.8 - Replicant Sister Wives self-playing bleepy bloopy with some triggered AR FM'ing
    Curvature - Replicant Sister Wives.audulus
  • v0.8 - Nevermind the Nevermind

    Nice little arpeggiated synth line with spline automation
    Curvature - Nevermind the Nevermind.audulus
  • This is so badass. It will take me decades to build such an synth by my self.
  • @Heiliger_Bimbam aw hardly! It's a pretty simple subtractive synth voice with waveshaping. It's mostly just whatever I'd do with modular stuff but in a semi-fixed form. Once it's all laid out and organized and explained on the inside, it won't look so big/intimidating. But thank you!
  • Another version, almost complete! Will probably have it uploaded today or tomorrow.
    Curvature - Nevermind the Nevermind v2.audulus
  • Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 3.24.22 PM.png
    671 x 517 - 566K
    Curvature v1.0 - Performance - Island Music - Bimini Road.audulus
    Curvature v1.0 - Performance - Maurading Moroder - Bimini Road.audulus
  • Truely a work of art. Sounds great through the sound system. Island Music is running at about 40% on my iPad Air 2 which is very comfortable. Can't wait to run it on the mac. If anyone asks "What can I do with Audulus?" you only have to show them this. You should definitely get Taylor to put this in the screen shot roll on the app store. I've discovered that, at least for me, nothing in Audulus is ever truly "finished, but I think that's one of the things I love about it. Hope your soldering went well.